How to Make Your Own Website
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These Resources Are Sure to Save You Time, Money, or Both.  Download and Use Them All!

101-Step Guide to Creating a SUCCESSFUL Website     101 Step Guide to Creating a SUCCESSFUL Website

The first 101-step guide to creating your very own successful website is now available.  There are hundreds of 10-step or 7-step or 12-step "guides" that will get you a website.  But success doesn't come with just getting a site up.  This guide will serve you well and walk you through each step to create a SUCCESSFUL website.  Download the 101-Step Guide to Creating a SUCCESSFUL Website.

Completely Customizable Family Budget Program     Completely Customizable Family Budget Program

As discussed on the Personal Money Management page, you need a budget.  Use this one for free!  Customize it to suit your needs.  You can also download the written instructions or watch the video instructions.  When you are ready to take control of your finances, download the free budget worksheet.

The Should I Buy or Should I Rent Worksheet     Should I Buy or Should I Rent Worksheet

Conventional wisdom is not always correct.  When it comes to buying a house or renting a house, a lot of money is on the line.  Use this free worksheet to determine whether or not the numbers say YOU should buy or rent.  Download the Buy vs. Rent Worksheet.  You can watch instructional videos on how to use the worksheet on the buying vs. renting a house page.

Create Virtual Covers and Boxes for your E-Books     Create Virtual Covers and Boxes for your E-Books

These packages are for use with Photoshop.  They allow you to create images of virtual "boxes" for your digital products.  You can download the zipped files here and here.



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