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Some More Keyword Tips.  Implement Them!

Knowing which keyword modifiers signify intent to buy can be critical.  These keyword modifiers can be added to keywords to attract visitors who are more likely to want to buy or read what you offer:

A Few Keyword Tips: Include Transactional Keywords     A Few Keyword Tips Transactional

Ok, you've picked a good keyword.  Someone searches for it and finds your website.  They look around...then leave.  Phooey.


To attract traffic to your website that is likely to buy, consider including keywords that incorporate a few of these transactional modifiers.  People who search for these are usually looking to buy:


Buy Get Find Locate
Purchase Compare Shop Shopping
Search Sell Selling Store

A Few Keyword Tips: Include Informational Keywords     A Few Keyword Tips Informational

If your website's big draw is information on a particular niche, include information beacons.  These words are often typed in with those searching for data:


Information Website Site Help
Directory Resources How to Pictures
Samples Tutorial Guide Learn
Tips News Ideas Plans
Examples Understand List of Instructions

A Few Keyword Tips: Miscellaneous     A Few Keyword Tips Miscellaneous

Also, be attentive to as many other specific descriptors as possible.  Include within your targeted keywords relative words that deal with: location, religion, professions, style, color, size, price indicators (e.g. cheap), and any other terms that can bring the traffic you want to your website.


If you already have a website and webpages up, you can use Google's Keyword Tool to offer suggestions on other, related keywords that would work well with your content.  Just type in the webpage you want to analyze.

A Few Keyword Tips: Conclusion     A Few Keyword Tips Conclusion

Keywords really are central to a website that is friendly with Google and the others.  Use your keyword tool to find your best keywords (I recommend Keyword Elite 2.0).  If you don't know where to begin, read about Niche Research, Website Development, Content Development Plan, and How to Write Website Content/How to Write Your Content.



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