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If You Have a Website, Add a Blog.  Do It Now.

Adding a Blog to a Website

In the "Web 2.0" world, it is critical that you have a blog.  Having a blog allows you to take advantage of blog-specific tools that will help your efforts when it comes to implementing your SEO Strategy.  I have already talked about the selection process for you blog (see Best Blogging Site to review).  Here are a few additional things you need to understand:

You must add a blog to your website.  This will enhance the profile of your website and allow you to utilize more tools and techniques in your efforts to improve your search engine position.  Some blogs may be able to do well enough without building a website around the blog, but websites have to have a blog component nowadays if they want to maintain their edge and not fall behind the curve.

Blogging can generate backlinks for you quickly.  If you link to a blog that has the follow attribute enabled and has pingback capability, you will get an automatic backlink from them.  This helps you stay out of Google's sandbox and quickly gain both PageRank and authority.

And, the good news is that adding a blog to a website is fairly easy.  Most of the Inexpensive Website Hosting Services can install a blog alongside your website in must a few clicks.

So, review how to create your Best Blogging Site, pick your template, and use your hosting service to install it through their automated process.  Don't delay, do it today. 

Then determine whether or not you should be Adding Comments to a Website or Adding Forums to a Website.  Then improve your website further by Starting a Newsletter.



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