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Forums Are Usually a Better Website Addition than a Comments Section Is.

Adding Forums to a Website

Adding forums to a website carries some of the same risks as Adding Comments to a Website.  However, there are more benefits and ways to more easily mitigate the problems.  For this reason, I think forums are a better option for most websites to implement instead of opening the comments capabilities on your content pages.

First, comments don't do nearly as much for search engine ranking as forums do.  If you choose and use keywords in the subject line of a forum post, it will eventually get picked up by Google.  Google will then send some amount of traffic to your site when that keyword is typed in as a search query.  Additionally, the posts will get indexed too and will be available to a searcher anytime after that.

If you are successful in launching your website's forums, you will also likely be able to recruit trusted forum moderators to regulate your forums for you.  This keeps them spam and obscenity free without having to do it yourself.

The best how-to guide on forums was put together by Bill Myers.  In it he covers everything you need to know about getting a forum up and running quickly and successfully.  You can even start forums on a niche topic that will be stand-alone and profitable by themselves.  But, adding forums to a website often adds value to both.

Get the comprehensive how-to guide by clicking here.  It will teach you how to build a profitable discussion forum in under an hour.

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