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Use This Free Service to Find Items on Amazon that Let You Qualify for Super Saver Shipping without Breaking the Bank. 

Amazon Filler Finder

If you have used to buy anything, you probably know about their excellent Super Saver shipping program.  You buy items, and when the total cost reaches a certain threshold, you get free shipping (the threshold is usually $25.00).


Once you get free shipping, you are hooked.  In fact, you may go well over the minimum required by adding an additional item to your cart just to qualify for the free shipping.


Shop smarter!  Now you can use a free website to find items that qualify for the free Super Saver shipping program that are priced just enough to hit the minimum threshold.  Just go to the Amazon Filler Item Finder, type in the amount you need to hit the threshold, and submit your query.


Look through the results and pick one you like.


Voila!  Free shipping on the dot, no going over ever again!


In this economy, every penny saved is a penny earned.


Learn more about saving money by clicking this link: Financial Wisdom



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