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The System Trains You to Be a Tool.  Don't Get Used.  Be Your Own Boss.

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Be Your Own Boss: A New Beginning     Be Your Own Boss

Some people may be born without a will to be independent.  They will spend their entire life as an interchangeable part.  But, those people are few and far between.  It takes a K-12 (and sometimes more) training system dedicated to shaping people into good conformist employees to squelch a person's will. 

Don't just react to the last few sentences; think about them.  Think about the asinine rules in effect in whatever corporate environment you work.  You probably live in fear of them.  You may be trapped by a bureaucracy in the name of "job security."

Do you really want to live in fear the rest of your working life?  Start now, work steady, and set a goal of one day firing your current boss.  Build a system and be your own boss.  It is easier than you may think in the digital age.

A quick warning: when you fire your boss, you will lose the opportunity to gripe and complain about all the puny injustices you perceive at work.  You will have to prove that you have the character to make it work.  If you are a dishonest, lazy person with no courage or integrity, this site won't help you much.

When you decide to be your own boss, more doors may open for you.  One of the major benefits of earning income from a website or blog is the freedom that comes with it.  Do you want to be at home as your children grow up?  Do you want to set your own hours?  Do you want to break out of wage slavery?

Starting an online business is probably your most realistic shot at accomplishing it.  Thousands upon thousands of people have done it.  The chances are good that you can too.  If you try it, the chances are good that you will look back one day and rank that decision as one of the best choices you ever made.

This site is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to succeed in online ventures.  Get started!  The biggest obstacle you are going to encounter before you take the first real step is your fear of failure.  Conquer it  Or at least stuff it in a bag and hide it in a closet.  Take action despite any fears you may have.

Keep moving.  Keep learning.  Keep reading.  Keep working.  Click the link to continue developing The Entrepreneur Mindset.



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