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Blog Carnivals Are Great Traffic-Generating Tools, Especially for Newer Blogs.  Using Them Can Get Thousands of Unique Visitors to Your Website.

Using blog carnivals is one of the best ways for a new or relatively new blog to get more traffic flowing to their website.  Here is what you need to know in order to take advantage of these:

Blog Carnivals: What Are They?     Blog Carnivals What

Blog carnivals came about as a way for people to navigate the masses of information out there in the blogosphere and find content on topics of interest to them.  A useful way to think about a blog carnival is like a magazine.  They function like virtual magazines: they will have a title, editor, articles written by various bloggers, and an interested group of niche readers who "subscribe" to the blog carnivals and read the articles that interest them.  The editions of blog carnivals usually are published on a recurring schedule.

Blog Carnivals: How Do They Function?     Blog Carnivals Function

Blog carnivals have four categories of people who work together to make the carnival work.  They are: Organizers, Hosts, Bloggers, and the Audience.  Each group has an important role to play for the blog carnivals to be successful.

Organizers - The organizers get the whole process started.  Blog carnivals begin when an organizer steps up to pick the topic, set submission criteria, and find hosts for each edition.  They also determine the frequency of editions for the blog carnivals.

Hosts - The hosts volunteer to host blog carnivals on their blogs.  They work out the date with the organizer.  Usually this is set well in advance of when the blog carnivals will actually occur.  The host then accepts submissions from bloggers for the blog carnival according to the criteria set by the organizer.  Prior to the date for each of the blog carnivals, the host will write one article that will contain tons of links (links going back to each of the contributing bloggers' posts).  They will post this article on their blog and will usually add their comments on the articles that were submitted and linked.  This link-containing article is posted on the host's blog on the scheduled day.  Then, let the blog carnival begin!  Naturally, there is generally more time involved in being a host, and expertise is often required.  But, if you serve as a host, blog carnivals can be an even bigger traffic boost for your blog.

Bloggers - Bloggers make the blog carnivals work.  If, as a blogger, you have written an article on a topic that has a blog carnival coming up, you can submit the article.  Or, you can write and post articles to your blog specifically for upcoming blog carnivals, and then submit them.  Generally, it is assumed that submissions will be from bloggers that have at least some measure of expertise in the topic of the blog carnivals.  To submit an article, all the blogger needs to know is the name of the blog carnival.  The link to the article will automatically be directed where it needs to go upon submission.

Audiences - Audiences are the main reason the blog carnivals exist.  The audiences are usually a mixed group of bloggers and people who just want information on the topic.  Since the medium is the internet, the audience will "attend" blog carnivals online.  If the carnival is popular, that audience will translate to unique visitors for your blog!

This is, in a nutshell, how blog carnivals work.  To participate at any level, go to the Blog Carnival webiste.

Blog Carnivals: Benefits     Blog Carnivals Benefits

Blog carnivals have two main benefits for a new blogger: 

First, from a marketing perspective, they are a great way to publicize and gain traffic for your blog for free.  When you submit content articles to blog carnivals, you will usually get a large burst of traffic coming to your blog.  Assuming you also have a website built with your blog, there will also be a trickle-over effect where your website will also see increased traffic.  Free traffic is always great!

Second, blog carnivals are an excellent venue to hone your writing skills and show off your stuff.  The better you write, the more people will read and appreciate your content.  They also help you gain trust and respect, and you develop more confidence in the process.

Blog Carnivals: How to Use Them     Blog Carnivals How

Step by step, here is how to use blog carnivals:


-  Go to the Blog Carnival website and register for a free account.  You will get an email at the address you entered.  Click the link in the email and set up your password-protected account


-  Select blog carnivals you would like to contribute to or read from their quite sizeable list of blog carnivals.


-  When you decide in which blog carnivals you want to participate, click on it.  To submit an article to that blog carnival, click the "Submit an article" link to the left of the page for any specific blog carnivals.  Or, if you'd rather select the blog carnivals from a drop-down list, you can submit here.


Blog Carnivals: Conclusion     Blog Carnivals Conclusion

Blog carnivals can be a tremendous way to get traffic to your blog/website early on.  You can get hundreds and even thousands of new visitors by participating.  Look into them, find one or two that fit well within your niche, and then submit articles!


Getting Website Traffic can be a full-time job, particularly in the early days of your online venture.  Be sure to understand basic SEO Strategy first, then learn about how to Submit Articles to Directories to boost your traffic.



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