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The Day You Need to Upgrade to a Server Devoted to Your Website Alone Is a Happy Day.  Here Is What You Need to Know.

Eventually, your website may need a devoted website hosting service to handle your website or blog traffic.  Devoted website hosting services are also called "dedicated" due to the fact that they are used to do only one thing: serve up your site.  Pretty much all of the Inexpensive Website Hosting Services are hosted on shared resources.  That means you share the disk space and processing ability of the server with as many other websites as the server can reasonably handle.

Devoted (or dedicated) servers are basically computers that do nothing other than store and transfer your website or blog to people who request to view it (website traffic) by typing your domain name into a web browser or clicking a link that is linked to your website.  When your website hits the "big-time," look into these options for reliable hosting where the servers are dedicated and devoted to just one thing: your website.

Devoted Website Hosting Services: Types     Devoted Website Hosting Services Types

There are two main types of dedicated hosting services: those that offer managed dedicated servers and those that offer unmanaged dedicated servers.  It is important to know which one is right for you.

Unmanaged dedicated servers are usually cheaper to use.  However, you get no help, so the management of all aspects of the server is left up to you.  You fix any glitches.  You attend to any upgrades that are needed.  You usually get an administrator password and are expected to make everything work yourself.  If you get stuck and have to call upon the benevolent hosting service for help, expect to be billed for the time and help rendered.  This option is for the technologically adept.

Managed dedicated servers are a much easier row to hoe.  You don't generally get administrator access and generally don't need it.  The hosting service takes care of all updates and patches and fixes for the server and software.  Of course, you'll likely end up paying more to avoid the hassle.

One more characteristic that is important to investigate before signing the dotted line of a hosting agreement is the hosting service's policy on reboots.  A reboot is required whenever the server freezes up or must be rebooted for some reason.  Some hosting services will charge you for every reboot.  Some will begin to charge you after a certain number of reboots.  Some include an unlimited number of reboots in the price you pay use the hosting service.  Just make sure you know what you are getting.

Devoted Website Hosting Services: The List     Devoted Website Hosting Services

HostGator - HostGator's dedicated hosting plans start at $174.00.  People with one or more large websites that don't demand a lot of memory would be best suited for this.   1 GB DDR RAM, a 250 GB hard drive, and 5 dedicated IP addresses are included.  Also included: free setup and 1,500 GB bandwidth (data transfer).  These are managed servers, but root access is also provided.  The datacenter is located in Texas.

1 and 1 - 1 and 1 plans start at a reasonable $49.99.  Included for that price is: 1 GB RAM, 2,000 GB bandwidth at 100 Mbps, 1 IP address, 100 GB hard drive, a dedicated SSL certificate, and a configurable firewall.  Also, the 1 and 1 control panel and the Parallels Plesk Panel 9 are included.

GoDaddy - GoDaddy's plans start at $79.99.  They include 1 GB RAM, a 120 GB hard drive, a free SSL certification, 500 GB of bandwidth, and $185.00 in advertising credits for use with prominent online advertising programs.

LunarPages - LunarPages devoted website hosting services start at $99.00.  The hosting plan includes an Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB disk space, 1,000 GB bandwidth, 2 GB backup storage, CentOS / Windows .NET operating system, 2 IP addresses, SSH, MySQL databases, and e-commerce features.

Devoted Website Hosting Services: Conclusion     Devoted Website Hosting Services Conclusion

If you are just launching your website, it is usually best to stick with one of the Inexpensive Website Hosting Services.  But, if you are already running a successful, popular, and profitable website...congratulations!  It is time to upgrade to a devoted website hosting service.  You can't go wrong with any listed above .



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