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Financial Wisdom Is a Mandatory Element of Success.  Get Your Online Venture Started on a Solid Foundation.  Understand These Basics.

Financial Wisdom, Key #1: Get out of Debt Financial Wisdom Master Card

You MUST be in control of your finances if you want to be successful in life and business. If you are looking to gain financial wisdom, you need to start by understanding that debt is a shackle. You absolutely, positively must throw it off.

If you are in debt, commit today to freeing yourself. There are plenty of resources out there to help. If you want secular help, check out Dave Ramsey's website. If you want help from a Christian perspective, I recommend It is free, and you can get your specific questions answered on the forum.

Financial Wisdom, Key #2: Stick to Your Budget   Financial Wisdom Budget

Financial Wisdom is demonstrated by disciplined and controlled money management.  The most critical discipline to learn is budgeting.  You can get a free and comprehensive budget program, written in Microsoft Excel, on this website's Budget Page: click the link for Personal Money Management.

The program is free.  It is simple.  It has instructions and video guides to teach you how to use it.  Download it today and use it if you aren't already using another budget system.

Financial Wisdom, Key #3: Find Deals & Save Money!  Financial Wisdom on Sale

Everybody loves to save money.  But, if you owe all that you have to someone else, or if you spend whatever you get willy-nilly, you really aren't in a position to benefit from the money you save.


So, get out of debt and get on a budget. Then, save as much as you can! It is a passion of mine to save money. Every time I learn a new trick or technique that helps me save money (or avoid losing it), I'll share it. Click the link to Find Deals and Save Money.

Financial Wisdom, Key #4: Where You Gonna Live?   Financial Wisdom House


Most people spend more on housing than any other expenditure, per month.  The basic question covered here is: should you rent a house or buy a house?  No two situations are exactly the same.  Use this information to get the answer that makes the most sense for you and your circumstances.  Click the link to see the details of Buying vs Renting a House

Financial Wisdom, Key #5: Live the Frugal Life   Financial Wisdom Cash


Being debt-free and living on a budget may sound boring. Managing your resources so that you pinch all the pennies you can means you are never going to hang out with celebrities (like you could anyway).  If the "frugal life" doesn't sound fun to you, try thinking about a life free of monetary worries.  How does that sound?


Many millionaires live frugally, so maybe you should too. Why? Because it is proof that you have grasped financial wisdom and made it your own.  The fact that you have made it this far into a section about frugal living means that you may be a good candidate for a lifestyle change.


Get adjusted to frugal living and get free tips too! Go here for frugality: Frugal Living Tips.


Once you've made the commitment to live like many millionaires by living frugally, you have to apply the Financial Wisdom you've attained and turn it into Financial Freedom. Start fighting for your freedom...Financial Freedom, that is!


Once you understand the needed financial wisdom, keep moving. Click the link to move on and begin taking the Steps to Financial Freedom.




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