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You Need to Find a Niche Idea.  Daunting?  Your Help Is Here.

It can be difficult to find a niche idea.  Where do you start?  What do you look for?  The niche that is right for you may not initially jump out at you.  If it does, great!  If you already know what your website/blog is going to be about, you are ahead of the game.  If you haven't chosen your topic (or even if you have and just need help refining it and the structure of your site), you will benefit from this information.

Find a Niche Idea: Attitude and Passion     Find a Niche Idea A&P

When trying to find a niche, the first things you should consider are your own attitudes.  What is your mindset toward various topics of interest?  What are you passionate about?

If you have a topic you love, start there.  Your goal is to figure out what you are passionate about.  Once you do that, figure out how to communicate it so that it serves people with similar interests around the world.  Sounds simple, right?  It may not be so easy.  Use the following tips and information to help you discover your most appropriate niche topic.

Find a Niche Idea: What's a Niche?     Find a Niche Idea What Niche

Backing up, what is a niche anyway?  Simply put, a niche is the main topic or theme around which everything on your site revolves.  It is the main topic of your site.  All the subtopics/pages will be related to this main theme/niche in some way.

Don't make your niche too big or small.  But, be sure to make it broad enough to give you variety in your writing and content development.  Having a niche that is too narrow will also limit your ability to monetize through affiliate relationships and advertising partners.  A not-too-narrow niche will also allow your site to be attractive and appealing to more people which will increase your traffic.  And good things come when traffic increases.

Find a Niche Idea: Brainstorming Ideas     Find a Niche Idea Brainstorming

If you just have vague ideas (or no ideas) about what you want your website/blog to be about, you need to brainstorm.  Brainstorming can generate multiple ideas, from which you can choose your "winner."  Click the link for help generating and  Brainstorming Ideas for your niche.

Find a Niche Idea: Conclusion     Find a Niche Idea Conclusion

You've evaluated your attitudes and passions.  You've brainstormed and identified several niche possibilities.  Excellent.  Now you need to do some research to isolate your best niche option.  Keep reading.  Click the link to understand the importance of Niche Research.



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