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This Page Will Be Worth Every Minute You Spend on It.  Here You Will Find Deals and Save Money.

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It brings a huge smile to my face every time I find deals and save money, even if it is just a dollar or two.  Here you will find opportunities to keep more of your hard-earned money and save time.

This page is updated often, so consider bookmarking it for future reference.

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Find Deals and Save Money (and Time!): The List     Find Deals and Save Money

GET FREE SHIPPING FROM AMAZON.COM EVERY SINGLE TIME: Use a fast and free service to get exactly the expenditures you need to qualify for the free Super Saver shipping on  Learn how to use the Amazon Filler Finder today!

SAVE ON ELECTRIC COSTS: Learn about Bulb-Misers and other old technology that will be making a comeback when the incandescent bulb ban goes into effect in 2012.  Click the link for Bulb-Miser Alternatives.

HOW TO BUY TIRES:  Go to Discount Tire Direct before you buy your next set of tires from a retail outlet.  They have a big selection and will mail your items to you free of charge.  They also accept PayPal.

BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING: Check amongst the coupon websites.  They will often have coupons or codes that will get a few dollars knocked off your purchase price.  The most popular ones are: RetailMeNot,, eBates, Eversave, CoolSavings and MyPoints.  Others are: Mr. RebatesHot Coupon World, shortcut$.com, ZipList, Deals2Buy, GroceryWiz.  A sometimes quicker way to find the result you are seeking is to Google like this: "_____ discount code" or "promo code" with the name of the website from which you want to purchase.

FIND IT REFURBISHED: When searching online for items to purchase, include the term "refurbished."  You'll likely find good-as-new or returned (but fully functional) items that are a fraction of the cost of still-in-the-plastic items.  Try it out.  You can find big discounts this way.

DON'T ASSUME INTERENET IS CHEAPEST: Often, the internet is the place to find the cheapest possible prices.  This may even be true most of the time.  But, it isn't true all the time.  If you are going to be buying expensive items, always be sure to check your local retailer's prices while doing price comparisons.  Sometimes this one thing can save you hundreds of dollars.  Additionally, if the internet prices are cheaper than your local store, ask if they will match a competitor's price.  If so, print out the online price and take it by.  You'll at least save on shipping.

HALF-PRICE VACATION ADMISSIONS: You can save hundreds of dollars by using CityPass if you are going to be touring any of the 11 cities in the program.  By purchasing multiple entrance tickets to attractions/landmarks, you get heavily discounted prices on all of them.  Some are over 50% off.

WHERE TO BUY POWER TOOLS: Before paying retail at Lowes or Home Depot, check your local pawn shop.  You can get much better prices on good used tools, and you can haggle.  Virtually every pawn shop will discount prices if you push them.  A discount equal to sales tax can be expected in most, and you will often be able to negotiate 20%, or even 50% off the marked price if the item has been on the shelf for a long time.



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