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The Top 5.

I do no use any of these scripts.  I offer this list for your information only.  I neither endorse or recommend any of these scripts.  Use at your own risk.  There is no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied regarding any of the scripts below.


Dada Mail - Dada Mail is web-based, meaning you can administer all of its functions through your web browser.  It allows subscribers to add themselves to your list.  It also allows for archiving, mass mailings, and use of RSS feeds and Twitter.


Subscribe Me - Subscribe Me Lite can automatically unsubscribe undeliverable or bounced addresses.  It can ban email addresses or even full domains and has the ability to handle large quantities of addresses.


NP Subscriber - NP Subscriber has automatic subscribing, message templates, customizable headers and footers, and gives you complete control over archiving.  This script also offers text or HTML options.


E-Lists - E-Lists is fully functional with ListMerge and other scripts.  It is a self-contained subscribing program; it does not mail out.  Allows for individuals to unsubscribe themselves.  Can save and use with Pegasus Mail.


NOMODOMO - NOMODOMO is actually two different scripts.  The first is an HTML form that allows people to subscribe and unsubscribe from your website.  The second is an administrative script.



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