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The Top 5.

I do no use any of these scripts.  I offer this list for your information only.  I neither endorse or recommend any of these scripts.  Use at your own risk.  There is no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied regarding any of the scripts below.


poMMo Project - poMMo allows you to personalize messages, has a WYSIWYG editor, and lets you mail to specific subgroups of your mailing lists.  It is simple to install and intuitive to use.  It supports themes.  Subscribers can unsubscribe themselves.  An all-around powerful and useful option.  Requires MySQL database.


CcMail - CcMail is easy to use and backup.  It doesn't require a database, allows for online HTML editing, scheduling, validation email, and lets you import users from other mailing list managers.  It also has a multilingual user interface.


OpenNewsletter - OpenNewsletter is a small and simple script.  It allows subscribers to both subscribe and unsubscribe themselves.  Newsletters can be sent in both text or HTML.  It requires no database and sends mail using the SMTP server.


Tellmatic - The Tellmatic Newsletter Machine uses an online WYSIWYG editor.  Images and attachments can be easily added to the newsletters.  Filter functions ensure that mail won't be delivered multiple times to people on duplicate lists.  Requires MySQL.  Validates email addresses and allows for personalization of newsletters.


Simple Newsletter - The Simple Newsletter script from American Financing is just that: simple.  It requires no MySQL database and verifies subscription.  It allows for text or HTML and has a secure administrative area.  It also has an email archive.



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