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Most Keyword Researchers Eventually Buy a Keyword Tool.  Until You Are Ready for That, Make Good Use of This Free Online Keyword Tools List.

Free Online Keyword Tools List

There are plenty of online tools that are both free and relatively effective in assisting with your niche research and keyword research.  Here I have compiled several of them that are commonly used.  Use this free online keyword tools list for your initial keyword research: - The Keyword Discovery tool by Trellian.  Enter the captcha code and then type in your keyword query.  Its database will pull results from over 200 worldwide search engines and present you the top 100 results free of charge.

- - The free keyword selection tool from Wordtracker. Many internet professionals use the paid version of Wordtracker for all of their keyword research. This free version gives you access to the top 100 results for your keyword queries. - The free multi-search tool from Site Build It!.  This tool is very versatile and has the ability to search more than just keywords.  20 different search functions are available.  They are all free.

-  - Google's free Keyword Tool. Google has the biggest search engine market share, by far. Using this free resource can pay big dividends in your keyword research. Enter the captcha and search! - Google's Search-based Keyword Tool.  Watch the informational videos on the site to understand how to use this free service. - Begin typing a keyword into Google, and the Google Suggest feature will offer more keywords based on and containing your initial one.

- - Nichebot Classic is powered by Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. It gives the first 50 results free. - Submit Express' Keyword Suggestion Tool and Keyword Popularity Checker are also powered by Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery.  This site compares similar keywords easily. - This site offers a free, downloadable keyword organization program.  Its searches are based on Google's free Keyword Tool. - This is a pay service that offers limited functionality for free.  Its main feature for keywords relates to the Google AdWords program.  It lets you "spy" on your competition to see what combinations are working for them.

Use these free tools!  Keyword literacy is tremendously important for the overall success of your site.  When/if you hit a wall in your keyword research with the free services, be sure to check out the Recommended Resources.



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