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The Lifestyle of Most Millionaires Is One of Frugality.  Here You Will Get Frugal Living Tips.

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Frugal living encompasses a vast spectrum of people and lifestyles.  Some people think limiting their Starbucks purchases to $30 per day is the epitome of frugality.  Others think anything more than sleeping on a cot in a tent is extravagant.

You need to figure it out for yourself.  Adopt all, some, or none of the frugal living tips on this page.  I have only adopted a few myself.  Some are admittedly extreme.  Others could only be pulled off by pennyless male college students.  The bottom line is that you need to figure out how you can be more frugal.  Make it happen.  As you read, be prepared to think outside the box!  This information may or may not help:

Frugal Living Tips: Don't Be Tracked     Frugal Living Tips Tracked

As you surf the internet, advertising companies place cookies on your computer and record your activities so that they can display ads to you based on your surfing history.  There are a lot of these companies.  All this data transmission can slow down your computer.  Be frugal with your time.  You can delete the cookies and opt-out of the tracking system by using the Network Advertising Initiative.



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