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The Wiser You Become, the More You Realize You Don't Know.  Ask for Help When You Need It.

Unless your website or blog has a PageRank of 10, you don't know it all.  You will need help at various points along your entrepreneurial journey.  Set yourself up for success by building a team of experts and resources that can assist you when you need help solving the problems you will encounter.  Here are a few things to consider:

Get Help from Other Experts: Where to Look     Get Help from Other Experts Look

Plenty of people are experts on various topics and niches.  Most of those individuals are either too busy to help you do anything or have absolutely no desire to help normal people out.  So, where do you look for access to help?  Where can you find experts who are willing to assist people like you?

In my experience, the individuals who are both experts at what they do, technically savvy, and interested in helping other people succeed migrate toward running membership websites.  This lets them charge a reasonable fee to screen out the crazies while still helping all comers.  Of course, you can find help in a variety of places like forums and static content.  But, unfortunately, the old saying too often rings true: "You get what you pay for."

Static resources, like this website, are critical for basic understanding of principles and guidelines for success.  But, if you have a specific problem, you probably will need to have access to a real person to help get if fixed.  Here are a few of the true experts who can help you succeed:

Get Help from Other Experts: For Membership Websites   Get Help from Other Experts Membership

If you decided to go with a MemberGate website or other membership-style platform, you should consider subscribing to Membership Site Owner.  The website is run by Tim Kerber, who is intimately involved with MemberGate.

When I was a member myself, Tim always had a ready answer for all of my questions.  No question was every went unanswered, and he has an incredible breadth of knowledge.  In addition to that, he is encouraging and supportive.

If you are going to run a membership website you will benefit tremendously from being a member of this community.

Get Help from Other Experts: For Help with Everything     Get Help from Other Experts SBI!

For a total newbie (if you still have the deer-in-the-headlights look), Site Build It! is unparalleled.  If you want help every single step of the way, you should go with SBI!.  If you don't want to have to think excessively and want to be helped at every step by an entire community of excited, positive people, SBI! is for you.


I do not know of anyone who was disappointed with the help that comes when you sign up for their total package.  The SBI! community will literally help you with everything you could possibly need help accomplishing.

Get Help from Other Experts: For Anything Internet Tech  Get Help from Other Experts Tech

So, you want to develop video products to sell?  You want to create other digital products to sell?  If you want help doing anything related to creating and selling things on the internet, Bill Myers is your man.  He is a veteran in the field and a recognized master.


And, he will help you personally if you join his community.  He is located at  Access to the website alone will prove priceless in your growth as an online entrepreneur.

Get Help from Other Experts: Automation Help     Get Help from Other Experts Automation

Time is valuable.  Utilizing various software and tools that automate otherwise time-consuming tasks is vital to your sanity and success.  If you want to create multiple websites, and have the understanding to do it, these tech tools are ones you should look into.


First, XSitePro.  Now in version 2.0, it is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that automates virtually everything about website creation.  It helps you design, optimize for search engines, and write easily-readable webpages.  I use this program personally and have had great success with it.


Second, Keyword Elite 2.0.  In my opinion, this program is the best and most versatile keyword tool on the market today.  The added value of getting a free copy of SEO Elite when you buy it is an added bonus.


These tools are "expert" tools.  They will save you time and energy, make you more successful, and keep you from making many common errors as you develop your websites.

Get Help from Other Experts: Conclusion     Get Help from Other Experts Conclusion

Get help.  Any of the options on this page come with my complete endorsement.  You should seek help and take advantage of expert help every opportunity you have.  When you get help from other experts, you are much more likely to succeed, and succeed more quickly.


Moving on, what about the improvements of Adding a Blog to a Website, Adding Comments to a Website, or Adding Forums to a Website?  Also, read about Starting a Newsletter.



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