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Don't Sit Around Waiting to Get Indexed.  Get Around the Google Sandbox with This Easy Tip.

If you have done everything mentioned in the SEO Strategy section, use this tip if you lack patience (like me).  You can communicate with the outside world while you are stuck in the Google Sandbox.  Here is how:

Google Sandbox: Being Stuck     Google Sandbox Stuck

After you have submitted your URL and Sitemap to Google, you have to sit and wait for them to index your website.  You know you have been indexed when you search for your site in quotes and it pops up as a result.


For example, if you type "" into Google, you have been indexed when your domain name is listed instead of a "Your search - "" - did not match any documents" reply.  It is tremendously frustrating to sit idly by for weeks to months waiting for your website to be indexed.  So, don't.  You may be stuck in the Google Sandbox, but that doesn't mean you have to play fair.

Google Sandbox: Behold the Power of YouTube     Google Sandbox YouTube

Google owns YouTube.  It seems to give preferential treatment to video content.  Use this to bypass the Google Sandbox!  Here is what you do:


1.  Create an account at YouTube.

2.  Upload a well-titled video.

3.  Put your URL in the description of the video.

Google Sandbox: How This Strategy Works     Google Sandbox Works

Google indexes YouTube videos within minutes to hours of them being posted. So, if you have your URL in the description of a video you upload, Google will index it and return it as a result if your URL is searched.


Additionally, if you choose a good keyword for the title of the video, the video will also be returned if a searcher searches for that keyword in Google.  Again, if the video is returned as a search result, your URL will be right there in the video description.


When I did this for, I had results in under two hours.  I no longer got the error message for a search of my domain name URL, and I was listed in the 5th position on the results page for the title of the video.  All this before my site was actually indexed by Google.  The YouTube video I used is here.

Google Sandbox: Conclusion     Google Sandbox Conclusion

Don't mope if you are stuck in the Google Sandbox. Bypass it. You may not be officially indexed, but you can start having your URL pop up in people's search results pages using this strategy and YouTube.


It is quick and easy. Plus, the more places your URL appears, the more likely Google will index your site and officially free you from the Google Sandbox. The more tools you can implement within your SEO Strategy, the better.



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