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Improve the Readability of Your Webpages for Free.  Use These Nifty Tools.

How to Use Link Shorteners

Learning how to use link shortnerers can increase the readability of your webpages and make your website easier to navigate.  They are simple to use.  Here is what you need to know:

Link shorteners were developed as a tool to take those ridiculously long, automatically-generated URLs and shrink them so that they can be easily included in content, blogs, and pretty much anywhere else.  They have become more widely used due to Twitter and the text message revolution where every character counts.  Using link shorteners also reduces the possibility of transcription error when typing a URL into a web browser.

Affiliates also commonly use the link shorteners to mask their affiliate URLs.  Since some people are predisposed against supporting affiliates, using a link shortener to convert a recognizable affiliate link to a non-recognizable one has some appeal.  With the FCC regulations on disclosures, however, be sure to disclose your relationships somewhere (see the Legal Stuff section in Components of a Business Website).

This is how to use link shorteners:

1.  Copy a link you want to shorten into your clipboard.

2.  Go to one of the link shortener service's website (see below for a list of some).

3.  Some services will automatically recognize the URL you placed in your clipboard.  Otherwise, simply paste it into the box.

4.  If you post a new link, you can add a custom identifier to the end of the URL with many of the services.  Do so if you wish!  Submit your pasted link, and you'll be presented with the shortened URL to use as you wish.

Now that you know how to use link shorteners, where do you go to use them?  Choose from the list below.  Google will likely take over when it launches to the public.  Until then, here are a few of the commonly used free services:

Tiny URL

Snip URL

Once you know how to use link shorteners, you can improve your website's readability by removing any long, unruly links.  Short is better when it comes to links!

Ultimately, your marketing efforts will determine the overall success of your online venture.  You will improve your website's traffic flow by understanding and implementing marketing principles as part of a comprehensive strategy.   Once your website or blog has launched, get busy Marketing Your Website.  It is a full-time job!



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