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Social Media Is Here to Stay.  In Fact, It Has Taken Over.  Get on the Bandwagon.

It is important that you learn how to use social networking as a marketing tool for your business.  There has been a true cultural revolution when it comes to social media.  View this video to understand the massive impact social networking has and will continue to have:

Now, you need to figure out how to use social networking to benefit your website or blog.  This can help:

How to Use Social Networking: 2nd Verse, Same Song     How to Use Social Networking Same

If you think about it, people have always known how to use social networking as a marketing tool. Barber shop talk was (and still is) social networking. Handing out your business cards to family and friends and having them pass them on to others is another example of how to use social networking to market yourself or your products.


Joining Rotary clubs, finding camaraderie by participating in civic organizations, and functioning within professional organizations are all examples of social networking. And, these forms of networking still have a place for many (if not most) businesses. But, for an online venture, the primary social networks you will utilize are those that inhabit the same realm: the world of digits. Now, networking occurs in nanoseconds as bits of data are pushed down fiber optic cables.


You need to know how to use social networking online through the various websites and communities that have developed.  Access to the established communities on Facebook and Twitter alone open the doors to virtually limitless marketing opportunities.

How to Use Social Networking: What     How to Use Social Networking What

Online social networks allow individuals to interact with others on any number of levels. It is completely voluntary for all parties. You can share intimate details of your personal life (not recommended), give virtually no personal information, or anywhere in between.


Within this vast virtual vista of variance, groups form. Those with similar interests and similar ideas find each other and dialog about those things that drew them together. When your business or service makes an impact on someone within a group within a social network, it is likely that they will tell others. And, since groups tend to form along lines of similarity, many others in their group will see or hear of their experiences, be they positive or negative


The trick in learning how to use social networking is to network with those who are predisposed to having favorable responses to you or your product.  Naturally, the way to do this is to establish a presence within the communities related to your niche.  Even better is to create a community centered around you or your product.

How to Use Social Networking: Why     How to Use Social Networking Why

Learning how to use social networking is something you will have to do at some point.  Failure to enter this realm will leave you completely in the dust within a generation.  The old gatekeepers are watching their power erode as information becomes cheaper and cheaper and transmitted lightning-fast around the world. 


Additionally, the costs are minimal and can produce huge returns on investment.  Time is the biggest expense.  Think about Mary Kay, Amway, or any other multi-level marketing program.  They all rely almost exclusively on network marketing to generate income, and they are still around decades after their founding.  Social network marketing works.  Now, I don’t recommend getting involved in pyramid programs because the statistics are not in your favor.  But, it is vital that you tap into online social networks and email chains to drive people to your website and increase sales.

How to Use Social Networking: Where     How to Use Social Networking Where

Facebook and Twitter have become the industry giants.  Start with them.  Facebook is one of the biggest websites in the world.  Hundreds of millions of users are in the Facebook community.  See Using Facebook for Business for help starting, guidance on how to use social networking appropriately, mistakes to avoid, and other tips.

How to Use Social Networking: How     How to Use Social Networking

Once you begin learning how to use social networking, you may be overwhelmed with the number of options that are out there.  There are networks and networks and networks withing networks.  You can't possibly keep up with them all.  But, there are services that can help maximize your time.


One thing you should do is make it easy for people to share your content.  You never know when something you write will "go viral."  So, make it easy for people to use social bookmarking to share your content with their friends.  You can use AddThis, ShareThis, AddToAny, or any of the others that come up.  Remember, make it easy for people to take the action that you want them to take!


It can also be prohibitively time consuming to try to update multiple social networking sites by hand.  Use a consolidation services to save time.  With these, you create a post and send it to the consolidation service, which then automatically posts it to each of your social network accounts.  So, one post hits Facebook, Twitter, etc. at the same time without multiple entries.  The best one I know of is Posterous.

How to Use Social Networking: Conclusion     How to Use Social Networking Conclusion

If you haven't started, you need to begin learning how to use social networking as part of your master marketing plan.  Social networks have been around forever, and the digital ones are here to stay.  Learn to use them to your advantage.


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