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Google Can Do That?  You Bet!  Put the ~ Search to Work for Better Search Engine Placement.

How to Use the Google ~ Search

Using the Google's ~ search is easy.  The tilda (you know, that squiggly thing right below the escape button at the top left of your keyboard) is used as a "similar to" symbol.  So, when you enter ~keyword into Google, it will return results similar to whatever keyword was entered.  However, so that you don't get bogged down, you should also eliminate entries that have that exact keyword.


So, if you were going to do a search to find similar keywords for the term "SEO", you would type this into Google: ~SEO -SEO.  To see the actual search, click here.  That is how you do it, simple as can be.  Just look through the results to find similar keywords that are not the keyword you typed in. 


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