How to Make Your Own Website
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Information Drives the Internet.  Website Content Provides It.  Make Your Content King.

Content is absolutely the key to generating a steady stream (or river) of traffic to your website.  Every strategy you try to use will fall flat without quality content.  Your goals when writing content should be as follows:

How to Write Website Content: Fit Your Philosophy     How to Write Website Content Philosophy

When you sit down to write any content for your website or blog, remember your Business Philosophy.  Why is it that you started down the road of creating a website in the first place?  Stick with it.  Be true to your vision and the principles that have helped you get this far.

How to Write Website Content: Make It Valuable     How to Write Website Content Value

When you write, have the message you want to convey in your mind at all times.  Then, write it so that everyone who wants to find out about your topic will be satisfied with your writing.

Make it worthy to be read by millions of people if you want millions of people to actually read it.  Do your best to make it universally understandable so that people from all over the world can benefit from it.  After all, that is why you are writing: to serve others.

Put your heart into it.  Don't just write to write.  Give it all your effort, and try to write with the goal of changing readers.  Try to change their lives for the better through changing their perspectives, their understanding, their attitudes, or their actions.

Try to create both quality and quantity as well.  But, if you can't manage both, make sure you focus on quality.  Quality will bring the traffic.  Make your writing valuable.

How to Write Website Content: Make It Timeless     How to Write Website Content Timeless

All writing can't be timeless, but much of it can be.  Seek to write content that will provide value to others for years, decades, and even generations.  There should not be a default expiration date on the content you create.  Sure, commenting on fads or fleeting trends probably won't provide value a generation from now.  But, the more principles and wisdom you can include in what you write, the better.


Give others wisdom, truth, or understanding with your content.  If you do that, there will always be a demand for it.  That demand will allow your website to keep producing passive income for you for as long as you wish it to do so.  When you write, pretend you are writing to teach your great grandchildren.  As you create, write in such a way that the timelessness of your content is evident.

How to Write Website Content: Make It Your Own     How to Write Website Content Own It

Write so that your website is an extension of you and your ideas.  Let your voice be "heard" by your readers.  A few websites can do well as hubs or portal websites that link to other sites and other content.  Most can't.


Write your own stuff.  Make it your own.  Express your own opinions.  Let your personality shine through.  No one wants to read a website created by an automaton.  If you allow your writing to mirror your attitudes and personality, others won't be able to duplicate it.  Your website will be a final destination: the only place people can find your unique voice.


No one else in the world has had the same life you have lived.  Let your experiences and learning shape your content so that it is unique and "you."

How to Write Website Content: Humans Come First     How to Write Website Content Humans

This entire department is all about getting visitors to come to your website or blog.  Getting the search engines to "like" you and consider you an authority is a huge part of that process.  Because of that, it can be tempting to try to manipulate the search engines so that they send people your way.  Don't do it.


Write for humans first.  This is what the search engines want you to do, and it should be what you want to do also.  Make serving real people your highest priority.  There is nothing wrong with applying specific strategies to appease the search engines, but be careful.  Most search engines will punish you if they mathmatically deduce that you are trying to manipulate their algorithms.


You have to serve someone.  Purpose that it will be primarily the real people.  That will help you stay true to your philosophy, continue to create value, and generate timeless content.  Make sure your keyword strategies never compromise the reasons you started your website in the first place.


Plus, writing for humans will usually help you do better with social bookmarking sites like,,, facebook, twitter, etc.  Put people first.

How to Write Website Content: Keep It Real     How to Write Website Content Real

Expounding on what is written above, don't try to divorce your writing from who you are as a person.  Don't try to hide your quirks, humor, intelligence, or perspectives.  Those things are what people who come to your website or blog will want!


Let the real you shine through.  Engage your readers on a personal level by writing as yourself.  A pen name is fine, but don't be a schizophrenic.  You want your readers to trust you enough to read your stuff, so keep it truthful.  Trust them enough to put the real you into your content.


Write what you believe, how you believe it, and why you believe it.  If people disagree, so be it.  Don't be caged in by political correctness or the opinions of the majority.  Let your real voice be heard.

How to Write Website Content: Conclusion     How to Write Website Content Conclusion

Unfortunately, knowing how to write website content doesn't stop with the information on this page.  In order to write successfully, you have to learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).  Keep reading because understanding the next section is huge.  You must incorporate SEO into your writing.  Get the knowledge you need by clicking here: Basic Search Engine Optimization Strategy.



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