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Some Things Never Change.  Human Nature Is One of Them.  Understand This.

The intent of this information on human nature marketing is two fold.  First, to provide some insights into how human nature can be exploited to negative ends, and, second, to help you to spot it when dubious tactics are used on you.

Human Nature Marketing: A Fine Line     Human Nature Marketing Line

A marketer always walks a fine line.  What is the difference between persuading a buyer that your product will best suit his desires and manipulating a buyer into a purchase for the money?  When does marketing end and manipulation begin?

It all starts with your Business Philosophy.  It ends with it too.  When you genuinely set out to serve your buyers, and maintain that perspective, you hold the moral high ground.  Your learned Marketing Principles will be applied in honest and honorable ways.  When you start out being motivated by a love of money, you will eventually employ dubious tricks in order to attain the object of your affection.

Your heart and conscience are key.  Seek to serve, and they will keep you in check.  Seek the money, and you'll end up hardened and cold.  The following information is not intended for use in developing manipulative practices.  It is here so that you can understand more fully how the minds of men work, what not to do to offend the natural tendencies of people, and how to recognize more easily when you are getting schmoozed.

Human Nature Marketing: A Tale of Two Cities?     Human Nature Marketing Tale

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."  Beware of any marketing presentation or copywriting that appeals to both your deepest dreams and fiercest fears.  Many people are easily manipulated by ad copy that appeals to an over-realized sense of failure.

Many times, the story presented in the ad copy is completely fabricated.  For ads like these, seek to verify them.  Make sure the product delivers as promised.  And, if it doesn't, be ready to claim the offered money-back guarantee.  If there is no guarantee, you are likely going to be disappointed with the product and the fact that you spend money on it.

Remember, anyone selling something that will make you fabulously wealthy for "just $99.97!" would be out there doing it himself and becoming fabulously wealthy instead of selling things for $99.97.  If he had already done it himself and wanted to be altruistic as he sat on his mountain of cash, he'd give away the program.  Always evaluate enthusiastic copywriting with a clear, logical mind.

Human Nature Marketing: The Mind of a Man     Human Nature Marketing Mind

People are creatures of habit.  Most don't like change, and they most definitely don't want to change personally.  People don't just want to make money.  They want to make money on their terms.  This validates their preconceptions about themselves and their methods.  Here is how to know if someone is trying to use human nature marketing as a manipulative tool:


1.  They don't say a prospective customer will have to change their way of life drastically.  A 450-pound couch potato will have to change his entire life and lifestyle to drop enough weight to fit in his clothes from college.  But, telling him that won't sell him a ThighMaster.  So, manipulative marketers purposefully do not tell people they have to change much of anything, even if they do to have real success.


2.  They do say that the customer will have to make some minor, token change.  If no change has to be made whatsoever, the customer won't believe it.  So, some namby-pamby pseudo-change is proposed.  "It really is this easy!"  Um, yea, this easy to sell your stuff to a manipulated sap.


3.  They seek to identify what the person already believes and then reinforces it.  Usually, this will take the form of convincing a person that he deserves more money.  Then that desire will be used to convince him that the product for sale will get it for him easily and cheaply.  

Human Nature Marketing: Conclusion     Human Nature Marketing Conclusion

The old proverb says that a fool and his money are soon parted.  How true it is.  But, be above board in all you do.  Don't sucker a sap into buying something based on a delusion you helped create.  And, don't be a fool yourself.  Understand these things so that human nature marketing is not misused, and no one is abused.


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