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Understand Why You Should Create a Web Presence. Know How to Do It Successfully. Free. 

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Everyone needs a second income stream. Unfortunately, most people won’t start developing a new income source until a tragedy happens.


Losing your job could be the kick-in-the-pants you need to push you onto the road to financial independence. Hopefully, you will get started before a layoff or other disaster overcomes you.


Deficits are soaring, and things will get worse before they get better. You need to be financially prepared. Begin today. You aren't going to get a governmental bailout.


This Website Is Like Free Money 


The information on this site costs you nothing to access. But, it is very valuable. As you progress through the departments, your understanding of websites will increase dramatically. Each one is designed to teach you step by step how to make your own website (or blog!).


There are many sites on the internet that give help and encouragement for budding entrepreneurs.  Many more that will sell you a magic formula to “guarantee” success.


This site is different. It is designed to guide you through the main questions and issues you will encounter once you decide to take action. Once you have realized the importance of generating a second income stream, this site is uniquely designed to give you the knowledge you need to make it a reality.


Even if you just have a personal blog and don’t want anything else, this site can help you profit from it.

Start Your Own Website or Blog: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting a website is a process. You won’t be up and running in a day, and probably not in a week. You need commitment. You need endurance. You need to focus on each step. This is how you do it: one small step at a time.


This is not a good site for people who are unwilling to change or are looking for a get rich quick scheme. But, if you are ready to succeed, this site is here to give you the resources you need to understand how to make your own website or blog. 


The most important step is the first one: decide to act, then do something! Don't wait until tomorrow. 


I don’t run this site for prestige or fame. Its purpose is primarily to help people. Our current economy is fundamentally different than it was ten years ago. Most people are not going to have either the job or retirement of their dreams.  If you get it at all, Social Security alone will not support you in your old age.


The best way to "retire" nowadays is to retire into a side business you started years earlier and love. To do that, you need to take action immediately. If you want credibility, you need a website. You’ve come to the right place.


People arriving at are each at different places in their journey toward starting a successful online business. Some are advanced. Some need help with the basics.


This site starts at the beginning and walks you through to completion. The department menu on the left gives easy access to whichever category you are ready to tackle.  You target your starting place.  However, it all starts with financial wisdom.


Get the Tools You Need to Succeed: Departments 


The Departments listed on the left Navigation Panel are the heart and soul of this site.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and you begin driving toward greater security.  Knowing how to make your own website or blog begins here.  Systematically tackling each department will build the foundation necessary for you to produce a creditable and profit-producing presence on the web.


Keep reading for a summary of every department. 


Each department builds on the information in previous departments.  Go step by step until you've completed each of the 10 steps. 

How to Make Your Own Website, Step One: Mind Your Money

Financial Wisdom: understanding the basics of budgeting, debt elimination, frugality and saving money, and delayed gratification/financial control are critical skills to have. Here you will get advanced budgeting tools which will help you understand the need for frugality, help you save money, gain control over your finances, and eliminate any enslaving debt you may have.  Don't worry about how to make your own website or blog until you understand how to avoid personal financial catastrophe.

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Two: Find Freedom

Financial Freedom: the value of understanding how to think about business, financial matters, and the mindset you will need to be a successful entrepreneur is impossible to underestimate.  How should you think to be successful?  What is financial freedom anyway?  Are you trapped in your dead-end job?  Get ready to think in new ways.  This will help you set the mental groundwork necessary for success.  

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Three: Business Basics

Starting Your Business: the preliminaries are crucial. You have to have a plan. You have to know what is going to drive you. Money-lust isn’t enough for success. In fact, it is almost a sure recipe for failure. You need to nail down your business philosophy, understand yourself, and decide on which entrepreneurial method you will pursue. Know your limitations and develop your team. And, most importantly, understand the internet. Do not skip over this department. You must understand the information in this category if you want to have a successful website or blog. Trying to develop and run a profitable website or blog in the Information Age will be virtually impossible if you don’t understand this stuff.

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Four: Helpful Hints

Practical Business Advice: avoid the common pitfalls and practice the common patterns of success if you want to succeed. Simple, right? 

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Five: Develop It

Small Business Website Development Software, Content, Design: the nuts and bolts of your site. What are the necessary components of business site? What design considerations are important? Which software or platform or service are you going to use to launch your site? Learn the best strategies for content layout, development, selection, and writing. This department will give you the keys to creation of an awesome website or blog. The equation is easy: valuable content = profitable site. You need to use this information early and often.   

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Six: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blastoff!

Website Launch (Initiation & Strategy): the technical aspects of everything. Guidelines for choosing and registering your domain name are here. This department walks you through all the technical aspects of starting your own online business. If you don’t understand or know how to operate the technologies involved in creating websites or blogs, fear not. This is where you get the help you need! And, remember, don’t be intimidated by technology. It is the content you create from your knowledge of your niche that will make your website great, not your techno-ability.  

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Seven: Generate Income

Monetization: this department is dedicated to the details of profiting from your online business and the options available to achieving that aim. Don’t start here if you haven’t at least reviewed the previous departments. Your ability to make money from your website or blog largely depends on how well you implement and understand the material in the previous departments. 

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Nine: Bring the People

Getting Website Traffic: specific strategies to get the traffic zooming to your site. Monetization depends on traffic. Make it easy for people to find you. If you serve them well, they’ll come back and tell their friends to visit too!

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Eight: Keep Building

Website Improvements : there are always additional things you can do to spruce up your website. This department is here to help you refine, improve, and polish your already-created website. 

How to Make Your Own Website, Step Ten: Sell Your Site

Marketing Your Website: sell your site. Understand what you need to do to serve your target customer, and do it. This department helps you understand how to market your product or service. Take advantage of it. It is what you will do if you want a profitable site, until you decide to hang it up for good.  




All of the information on this website is provided free of charge to all who visit.  If you benefit from this website and would like to help, you can do so in one of three ways:


1.  Donate using PayPal or a Credit Card:

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