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Marketing Is Central to Every Culture.  The Rules Change, but the Game Is The Same.

You are a marketer.  If you aren't a psychopath, you learned many techniques when you were but a child.  Understanding marketing first steps will help everything else make sense.  Let these points be your springboard to marketing success for your online venture:

Marketing First Steps: Realize You Are a Marketer     Marketing First Steps

You are a marketer.  Whether or not you realize it, you market yourself every time you have interactions with others.  You put your best foot forward.  If you encounter a stranger, you usually smile and say "hello" even if you are having a relatively terrible day.

When you meet a new person, don't you seek to find a common interest?  Haven't you learned how to communicate with others so that awkward silence doesn't rule?  You are marketing yourself on the most basic level by doing these things.  When you have a business, however, you don't only market yourself.

If you have never done anything in the business world other than buy and consume, thinking like a marketer may not come easily at first.  But, even if you don't like the idea of marketing, you'd be wise to learn about it and use it.  If it has been a while, go back and review your Business Philosophy.  You are a marketer, so why not get better?  This information will help.

Marketing First Steps: Pick Your Demographic     Marketing First Steps

After you realize you are a marketer and will need to refine your skills for the business world, you have to pick the demographic you will be targeting.  This may take some time, thought, and effort.  But, it is vitally necessary.

Determine the characteristics of the typical person you want to serve.  If you are going to be selling something, he had better have enough money to purchase it from you.  Think about how he is motivated as you will have to tailor your product or service to his desires.  You will have to go where he is to reach him.  Think about what will cause a person in your target demographic to listen to you, and then do whatever that is.

You also need to understand the steps he will need to take to find you.  Then, make it hard for him to not notice where you are.  Provide your target demographic with incentives for coming back and giving you repeat business.  Actively seek to make each customer a client!

Do not underestimate the real-world importance of this exercise.  If you don't have a demographic that you are specifically targeting, you'll miss every time.  Marketing must have a target.  If you don't know yours, you can't aim.  Don't be a loose cannon.  Figure out who you want to sell to, and then sell to them.

Marketing First Steps: Never Quit Learning     Marketing First Steps

Just about every vocational field has continuing education requirements for its professionals.  Why?  Because markets are constantly changing.  The internet is no different.  The marketing first steps you learn today will be different at some point in the future due to t echnology that is advancing exponentially.


There is a reason that people in the business world are always reading newspapers or magazines.  You can never stop learning if you want to be successful.  As soon as you do, you get passed by.  If you never started learning about marketing in the first place, get started today!

Marketing First Steps: Conclusion     Marketing First Steps

You are a marketer whether you want to be or not.  Embrace it.  Then, pick a target demographic for your online venture and get to work.  Never quit learning.  A good place to start is with these Free Marketing Materials.  Next, move on to begin understanding the foundational Marketing Principles.



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