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Becoming a master at marketing your website (or anything else) takes thousands of hours.  You must begin learning now.  Get a head start here.

Marketing your website can easily be a full-time job by itself.  There are very few true "masters" of marketing.  In order to be a master, you have to put in thousands of hours of learning and practice, AND you have to have a "gift" for it.

You'll likely never be a master marketer.  Fortunately, you don't have to be.  You can become well-versed in marketing techniques and competent enough to be successful when it comes to marketing your website.  This department will walk you through some of the bedrock marketing principles you need to understand and implement.

Once you have your site up and running, you will quickly see the value and necessity of marketing your website.  A marketer's job is never done.

The principles I will teach you here are not new.  Most of them are ages-old.  I'm sure many of them were in use when the Egyptians were building the pyramids.  If you have ever studied marketing before, you may have learned some of them.  Learn more!  Marketing your website successfully will require it.

With that said, get busy learning, reviewing, and putting to good use the material that follows.  If you have worked through each of the previous steps, your site is already live and functional.  Now, use this information to help make it one of the most popular on the internet:

Marketing Your Website: The First Step     Marketing Your Website First Step

The first step may not seem obvious at first.  But, it is critical.  Miss this, and you will be spinning your wheels more often than not.  Don't waste your time or effort.  Click the link for help understanding Marketing First Steps.

Marketing Your Website: Free Gold (Sort of...)     Marketing Your Website Free Gold

As I already mentioned, master marketers are few and far between.  When a master marketer makes marketing your website easier by giving away his techniques for free, you should take advantage of it.  After all, if someone offered you free gold, would you reject their offer?  I hope not.  Click the link and get Free Marketing Materials from a master.

Marketing Your Website: Marketing Principles     Marketing Your Website Principles

Once you start learning the basics, you'll be surprised at how many business or websites don't use them.  Well, the fact of the matter is this: people don't like to change.  If it is "industry standard" to do things a certain way, that is the way that the vast majority of people within that industry will do them.


Bad for them, good for you.  If you adopt and apply these principles of marketing to everything you do, you will most assuredly see them make your efforts more productive.  Don't worry: no one will copy you.  People won't buck the trend, even it it is a poor trend.  That give you an opportunity, if you'll take it.


Put these principles to work for you.  Your competitors won't until you've proven to them that they work.  Then, you'll already be in the dominant position, and it will be too late for them.  Still the same after thousands of years, click the link to build the foundations of business success by understanding the timeless Marketing Principles.

Marketing Your Website: Business Cards     Marketing Your Website Biz Cards

Business cards may not come to mind when you think about marketing your website.  But, they should.  They can be a valuable tool...if you design them well.  Most people don't.  Click the link for tips on Business Card Marketing.

Marketing Your Website: Understand Human Nature     Marketing Your Website Human Nature

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing your website is understanding human nature.  You have to understand it to make the right marketing decisions.  Fighting human nature when marketing your website is going to frustrate you.  Don't do it!  Click the link for tips on Human Nature Marketing.

Marketing Your Website: Social Networking     Marketing Your Website Social

You probably are already social network savvy.  Incorporating the current boom in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites into your own website or blog is often a great idea.


Website improvements that can piggyback other internet portals to bring customers and generate income are a wonderful addition to any website or blog.  Click the link for some ideas on How to Use Social Networking.

Marketing Your Website: Miscellaneous Tips     Marketing Your Website Miscellaneous

As I have already mentioned, marketing your website can be a full-time job.  Unless you've spent thousands of hours AND are gifted too, you are going to need help, and lots of it.  Never underestimate the power and benefit one good idea can provide.  Click the link for additional Miscellaneous Marketing Tips.




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