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Take Advantage of These Tips!

This is a series of tips designed to show you how to develop your own sales pitches and/or marketing strategies.  Apply these tips to your situation.  Then, start selling.

Miscellaneous Marketing Tips: Let Google Guide You     Miscellaneous Marketing Tips Graphical

It can be quite difficult to know where to focus your marketing efforts.  This is particularly true with the vastness of the internet.  How do you know where your marketing efforts will be fruitful?


There is a free tool that can help by graphically showing you how your website is influenced by others based on websites that Google has recorded as linking to you.  Click the link to learn about Using the TouchGraph Google Browser.

Miscellaneous Marketing Tips: Features vs. Benefits     Miscellaneous Marketing Tips FvB

Explaining benefits does a better job of selling than informing about features.  Harping on features forces the customer to draw conclusions about the product themselves.  Usually those conclusions are not favorable to your products.  A rule of thumb to follow when marketing is this: sell benefits, not features.  Features should serve to prove that the benefits are real, but the benefit is the biggest emphasis.


So, how do you do this, practically speaking?  Michael Masterson sent the answer out in an edition of his newsletter.  Read it here, and then go to the Early to Rise website to sign up for their free newsletter!

Miscellaneous Marketing Tips: Conclusion     Miscellaneous Marketing Tips Conclusion

More tips will be added periodically, so check back often.  Check out our list of Recommended Resources that can help you find more success more quickly.




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