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There Are Two Broad Types of Monetization Commonly Used on the Internet.  Choose One or Both for Your Website or Blog.

There are two general ways of pursuing business interests online.  You can be an entrepreneur, an infopreneur, or both.  Here is what you should know:

Monetization Types: Entrepreneur     Monetization Types Entre

An entrepreneur often sees the internet as a way to branch out to a bigger market and do more of what he or she does.  The type of "entrepreneur" monetization most commonly used involves selling products that are acquired or created by the website owner.  The owner usually moves a business online.  If he sells shoes in the real world, he'll open up a shoe shop online.  If he has a hoola-hoop store, he'll sell hula-hoops online.  You get the point.  But, the wonderful thing about the internet is that it also allows for pure infopreneurs.

Monetization Types: Infopreneur     Monetization Types Info

People who fall into the "infopreneurs" type are like the entrepreneurs in most ways, including the way they think and pounce on opportunities.  However, the internet is driven by information.  Because of this, people can generate income through providing the service of providing information.

The term "infopreneur" refers to someone who sells only informational products or no products at all.  Some infopreneurs sell nothing they have created and focus completely on generating revenue through contextual ads, selling advertising space to other businesses, commissions from affiliate relationships, and other creative ways.  And, they do this while providing free informational content.

Monetization Types: Conclusion     Monetization Types Conclusion

Although there are two general monetization types, you don't have to choose between them.  Diversity and use of multiple monetization methods is usually best, so incorporate aspects of both types!  It is a good idea to always be looking for ways to incorporate monetization methods into your revenue-generating plans.


So, to get a good idea of what is out there for you to choose from, be sure to evaluate all of your Monetization Options.



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