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Personal Money Management Begins with a Budget.  Any Other Beginning Is Failure Waiting to Happen.  Your Budget Help Is Here.

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Investing, saving, even spending should be incorporated into every person's personal money management plan.  But, in order to do any of those things well, you absolutely must have a budget in place.

If you are a totally undisciplined person and excuse financial irresponsibility by stating that you are a "free spirit" or "spontaneous," this site isn't for you. I wish you the best of luck, but you'll likely die broke without leaving a penny to your children or other causes you care about. You'll likely find yourself strapped for cash and unable to bless others through giving. Personal money management is a crucial life skill. And it all starts with getting out of debt and getting on a budget.

Personal Money Management: Get Out of Debt Personal Money Management Debt

It is absolutely fundamental that you kick the debt habit.  Debt is a form of slavery.  You have to buy back your freedom.  Use the resources contained within either of the two websites I mention at the top of the Financial Wisdom page, and get your freedom back.

Personal Money Management: Budgeting for Success     Personal Money Management Budgeting

In order to eliminate debt and be successful with personal money management, you need a budget. You have know where your money goes each month. If you can't keep up with your expenditures and income, you will have a hard time finding success.

For a budget to work, you have to want it to. You have to be diligent and comitted to it. If you are married, you and your spouse have to sit down and talk about money. I know, ice picks under the finger nails may be more pleasant. But, it has to be done.

I have developed and refined a free budget program for anyone to use. It is an electronic, semi-automated version of the "envelope system." Download it for free by right-clicking the following link and choosing "save link as" or "save target as" and then saving it to your computer: Free Budget Program. It is written in Microsoft Excel 1997. If you don't already have Microsoft Office, do a google search for the opensource program Open Office, which will allow you to use the program for free.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the program click this Household Budget video link, or watch it below:

You can download PDF instructions for the Household Budget Worksheet also.

Personal Money Management: Loss to Taxes     Personal Money Management Tax

In order to get a handle on where one of the biggest chunks of your money goes, you have to understand how much you lose every year to taxes.  It is more every year.  Type your income into this chart to understand how much you pay and how it has increased over the years: Interactive Tax Chart.

Personal Money Management: Conclusion     Personal Money Management Conclusion

Once you implement your personal money management plan to get out of debt and get on a budget, you can begin saving.  Saving capital and investing are the keys to multiplying wealth.  Don't be dependent of your kids or a ward of the state when you are 65.  Change now and prepare now for then.


It can help to Find Deals and Save Money.  It can help to have Frugal Living Tips.  The goal is Financial Freedom!



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