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You Want Job Security?  You've Come to the Right Place.  Understand "Security" and "Risk" and Get "Hired!"

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Steps to Financial Freedom: Security vs. Risk      Security vs. Risk

Most people spend their entire educational experience (K-12 and any extra education) learning how to be a good employee.  Conform, fit in, do what you are told, be a good cog in the system.  In the security vs. risk paradigm, people are trained to believe that having security means working for someone else as you eke your way up the corporate ladder.  We are taught that it is just too risky to try to do anything other than find a "stable" job and stay there the rest of our lives.

The truth of the matter is that everyone who earns a living is employed.  Salaried people are employed by one person, business, or entity.  Those who are "self-employed" are not.  It may appear that way initially, but, in reality, it is the customers who employ the entrepreneur.

Instead of working for a boss, if you employ yourself in the business of making customers happy, they will employ you.  When you have lots of customers, you have lots of employers.  And if one fires you?  It isn't the end of the world.  If the boss at your 9 to 5 job fires you, it probably would be.

"You're Fired."  With two words, your current boss could turn your life upside down and end your income stream.  Being a life-long employee of a single person or business is a tremendously risky proposition for anyone looking for meaningful financial security.  In fact, it is a huge gamble.  Understand that "security" in a typical job is a risky bet.  Particularly in these uncertain times.  Are you sure you want to make that wager?  What if your company is bought by another or merges?  Will you be replaced by the person in the other company who does the same job you do?

Remember that times change.  Most people are going to have many different jobs throughout their life.  Take a minute to think about your current job.  Is your job highly technical?  Have you spent 5, 10, 20 years using specialized technology?

Technology is changing and developing at an increasingly rapid pace.  Will your job even exist in a few years?  You need a fall-back plan.  You should begin working on it today.  Creating a website that is interesting to you and helpful to others can provide future security.

One final note on security vs. risk.  There is also a moral aspect to this paradigm.  Being an employee of an institution or entity can put pressure on you to compromise what you know is right.  Eliminate this threat.  Begin working for yourself.

The fact that you are here reading this is a great start.  Most people aren't even interested in gaining financial wisdom or financial freedom.  Most people are also going to wake up when they are 70 and realize they should have been interested.  But then it will be too late.

Keep reading.  This site will help you Be a Successful Entrepreneur online.





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