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The Internet Is Pushing Old-School Media into the Dustbin of History.  Ad Revenue Is Migrating.  Should You Get in on It?

Should a Website Have Ads

Should a website have ads?  It depends.  For most websites, advertisements will not cause problems and can generate extra revenue.  Some people are concerned that advertising will keep traffic away, but this concern is usually unfounded.  Content drives the internet, so if the valuable content is present, your website traffic usually won't mind the ads.

Additionally, so many people use Google's AdSense and other advertisement programs that most people think nothing of it any more.

Just remember that every situation is different, and evaluate your niche and website to see if ads will or will not mesh well with your clientele.  Generally, there are two situations where you will want to think twice about using ads.  First, if you sell something on your website, you may not want to put advertisement up.  If you are selling something, do you really want to bring in other competitors to divert your customer's attention away from what you are selling?  In some cases, it may be worth it.  In most, it won't.

Secondly, if you run a membership website, your subscribers may resent the ads.  They are paying you for access to your content already.  Putting ads on your membership website may cause decreased membership.

Ultimately, there is no absolute right or wrong answer regarding using ads on a website.  Each is different, and each will find success in different ways.  Some may include ads beneficially.  Some may be damaged by their inclusion.  Evaluate your own niche market and make a reasoned decision for yourself regarding ads.  Usually, they generate extra revenue with little or no drawbacks.  Click this link to review the numerous website Monetization Options available today.

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