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There Are Millions of Small Business Website Creation Options.  Here You Will Find a Few of the Best.

With the seemingly endless stream of small business website creation options available today, you need to cut through the jungle and find the best.  This information will help you do just that.  I spent hundreds of hours searching the internet and evaluating possibilities.

The options presented here are the ones that, I believe, will set the most people up for success.  You can spend hours looking at all the different programs and platforms out there today.  However, each of the options presented below offers unique advantages that are unmatched in seeing online business owners find success.

Review them.  See which model and platform will be best for your needs.  If none of these are for you, that is perfectly fine!  Keep looking until you find what best suits you.  When you begin searching, however, I think there is a great chance you'll end up back here trying to decide between these options.

Which Software or Platform Should you Choose?     Small Business Website Creation Options

There are five different categories of website development platforms that are most commonly used for small business website creation.  This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of every nuanced possibility out there.  However, nearly all of the visitors to this site will find that the solution they need is discussed, at least categorically, here.  It is important to understand these five categories:

1.  All-inclusive Website Development Programs and Services

2.  Membership Sites

3.  Strict Website Editors or Variants

4.  Blogs

5.  Sites Designed by a Paid Designer

Website Creation with All-Inclusive Programs     Small Business Website Creation Options Programs

The easiest and quickest way to get your website up and running and profitable is to use a service that does a lot of the work for you.  Don't get me wrong, you'll create the website.  But, by using a service that takes care of all the technical details, formatting details, and puts you on a path that has proven successful over and over, you get up and running as fast as possible.

The all inclusive "program" I highly recommend is called Site Build It!.

If you have been overwhelmed as you have worked your way through this website, Site Build It! is likely your best option.  If you don't want to spend the time to learn various aspects of internet technologies, Site Build It! is for you.

Some people have difficulty grasping technical details no matter how clearly they are explained.  Even the most brilliant people in a particular field or niche may have problems when it comes to the digital world.

Ken Evoy created the service from the ground up.  He is a long-standing, recognized master of internet marketing.  He personally is involved in helping people succeed through using Site Build It!.  Using Site Build It! comes with many assets.  You get the tools, technical help, and personal attention you need to see your goals realized.

And, above all else, the Site Build It! program will keep you from falling into snares and traps and will keep you from making paralyzing mistakes.  You still have to work to make any website successful, but knowing how to avoid the pitfalls is hugely helpful.

Even if you have failed in previous attempts, consider trying again with Site Build It!.  They walk you through everything involved with Website Development, include all the Components of a Business Website, help you design/create the actual website, include everything involved in a Website Launch, facilitate Website Monetization, help you continuously make Website Improvements, assist and help you in Getting Website Traffic, and help you start successfully Marketing Your Website.

The Site Build It! team provides private forums where you can ask questions and get help with specific things.  They have top-notch customer service, and you have unlimited access to them.

If you want a shortcut to accomplishing everything you can learn on this website, sign up for Site Build It!.  As with anything, you'll still have to work to make it work, but you won't spin your wheels and go nowhere.

Website Creation with Membership Sites     Small Business Website Creation Options Membership

Membership or "subscription" websites are some of the most profitable websites on the internet today.  Membership websites have huge updise for income generation potential.  If you can develop a following of people who will pay to have you provide them with regular content, these websites are tremendously profitable.


They work like any other subscription does.  The subscriber pays a fee for access to information for an agreed upon time period (can be weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.).  They are billed as each time cycle begins.  Accordingly, the site owner provides value to the subscriber on a regular basis, usually either daily or, at least, multiple times per week.  The content produced can be articles, videos, audio files, or anything else that interests your niche market.


If you can mesh your niche with the membership model, and you have the ability to produce regular content, it will likely be the most profitable long-term solution.  You are unlimited in the number of subscribers you have, and most software and website packages you'd use take care of the billing aspects.


Membership sites undoubtedly take a lot of effort on the owner.  He is responsible for ensuring that everyone who pays a subscription fee is provided with regular content.  Just like all business ventures, they take a lot of work.  


For anyone looking to work full-time as an online business entrepreneur, I strongly recommend they evaluate the membership model.  Success with this model is very financially rewarding.


The clear cut leader in the field of membership sites is MemberGate.  MemberGate was developed by one of the recognized leaders in internet marketing and online business success, Bill Myers.


Membergate is an all-in-one software and support package that customizes a proprietary design style for your needs.  The model has proven successful over and over again.  Definitely evaluate MemberGate and the benefits it offers by clicking this link: MemberGate


MemberGate has a built-in tracking system and gives daily page reports.  You can easily see what is working and isn't and focus your efforts on what best serves your clientele.  You can see how much time each subscriber spends on your site.  This helps deal with suggestions and criticism effectively.  It has top-notch, excellent support, is easy to use, has been around for a long time, has a great reputation, is highly customizable, allows for monetization methods other than subscriptions (like GoogleAds), and its design allows for easy navigation (happy customers!).  Many people who try to start an online business end up with MemberGate as their solution after failing elsewhere.


The biggest drawback to MemberGate is its price.  It ain't cheap.  But, remember, you get what you pay for.  MemberGate's customer support is top-of-the-line, and they are tremendously helpful.  There will be a time investment in order to learn to use the software properly, but that will be true of any method you choose.  MemberGate isn't hard to learn how to use.  Some knowledge of the Cold Fusion platform helps but isn't necessary.


The bottom line is this: check out MemberGate, and strongly consider a subscription model if your niche and clientele will allow for it.  There are other subscription site software packages out there.  None equal MemberGate.


However, the price tag may keep you away from MemberGate.  If you can't afford it, one of the other commonly used subscription site options is aMember Professional.  While not as robust as MemberGate, it is still highly functional and compatible with a wide range of applications.  It is quite flexible, and it can work as a less-expensive, but still quality, membership or subscription site option.


To either purchase or read more about aMember Professional, click this link: aMember Professional. 

Website Creation with HTML Editor Programs     Small Business Website Creation Options HTML

The most flexible way to create a website is with a website editor program.  There are thousands of them available.  Many are completely free.  Some version of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design programs usually come with a hosting plan.  Is this the right option for you?  It depends.


Using a free program can obviously save you money.  However, the free programs usually have decreased functionality when compared with the editor programs that you purchase.  The most famous/commonly used program is probably Dreamweaver.  However, as opposed to Site Build It! (which guides you through every step) and MemberGate (which utilized a proven platform for the subscription modality), editors are generally more difficult to use successfully.


The trade off is that you gain a tremendous amount of flexibility.  Once you learn how to use an editing program, you can create all the websites you want, without having to purchase any other design platform.


Your options are limited only by your creativity and skill.  But, the skill takes time to develop.  Of course, any good editor you would buy will come with manuals on how to use it.  The problem is that these manuals can be, literally, thousands of pages long.  Do you have time to master that much material?  Doubtful.


Because of the time factor, you should pick a program that facilitates your success instead of bogging you down in the miniscule details.  Look for a program that adds value to the standard ability of a WYSIWYG HTML editor.


My recommendation is that you investigate XSitePro 2.0.  Why XSitePro?  Because of the value added features it has.  XSitePro gives you all the standard abilities a WYSIWYG website editing program provides, but it carries one tremendous advantage.  It is geared and designed specifically for running a profitable business on the internet.


XSitePro was designed specifically to facilitate marketing success on the interent.  It automatically analyzes your websites and tells you what you need to do or change in order to please the search engines.


Having XSitePro tell you exactly what you need to do in order to pacify the search engines is tremendous.  Search engines will determine whether or not you will be Getting Website Traffic.  Having this built into XSitePro is what sets it apart from both the high-end and low-end WYSIWYG HTML editors.


Additionally, XSitePro is designed to help people looking to profit from their websites.  Just about every Website Monetization strategy is supported in the software.  You want to use Google Ads?  No problem.  You want to set up affiliate relationships?  No problem.  XSitePro streamlines just about all the monetization methods you will likely use.  All you do is select which options you want to use, and the software does all the coding work for you.


XSitePro is a brilliant resource and one of the best small business website creation options.  Click the link for XSitePro 2.

Website Creation through Blogging     Small Business Website Creation Options Blogs

You need a blog.  The question is whether you start off with a blog instead of a website.  I think it is easiest to start of with a website and then, soon thereafter, start a blog as one of your first Website Improvements.  But, some people may want to start with a blog and run with it.


Blogs are appearing all over the place.  They are replacing the old, stodgy traditional media outlets.  Over 150,000 new ones are created each day.  They are affecting politics, marketing, news reporting, and just about everything else.


If you can't or won't start a full website (that will eventually have a blog as well), you can still monetize a blog by focusing on a niche.  And, going the blog-only route is probably the cheapest.  I recommend WordPress for your blogging software of choice.  It is free, easily customizable, and has a track record of success.  For a review of the top 10 blogging software options, click here.  WordPress is #1 on the list.


To understand more about blogging, specifically, and what a blog can do for you, click this link: Best Blogging Site. 

Website Creation with a Paid Designer     Small Business Website Creation Options Pay

The last major category of website creation is simply paying someone to do it for you.  Depending on your business, this could be a great option.  However, the cost for a professional (and professional-looking) website can be tremendously high.


Most websites that are profitable in and of themselves aren't designed by a third party.  Designers are usually not marketers.  They are artistically gifted, but that doesn't usually translate into business success by itself.


If you are long on money and short on time, this method is a real possibility.  Just be sure that you find a designer that understands your plans for Website Monetization and designs your website around them.  If he doesn't, you are likely signing up for a high-priced failure.

Website Creation Conclusion    Small Business Website Creation Options Conclusion

There are limitless options when it comes to which website solution you choose for your small business or personal website needs.  The options listed on this page are the best, most effective options available today.


Consider your goals.  Evaluate yourself.  Then, pick the option that works best for you and work, work, work.  Success is almost always depends on the individual.  The harder you work at seeing your online venture succeed, the more likely it is to do just that.


Once you've decided on which software/approach is right for you, it is time to begin working on your Content Development Plan.



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