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Starting a Newsletter Is a Vital Improvement.  Don't Underestimate Its Importance by Neglecting to Start One.

Starting a newsletter is the single best improvement you can make for your website.  Having an easily accessible and visible signup box will get you subscribers.  More info follows:

Starting a Newsletter: Review     Starting a Newsletter Review

Since a newsletter (and a mailing list) is one of the necessary Components of a Business Website, you should already be well on your way to starting one.  Over the life of your website or blog, starting a newsletter early will prove to be the best improvement you make to your online venture.

You should review Why Start a Newsletter and How to Start a Newsletter before moving on.

Starting a Newsletter: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions     Starting a Newsletter Decisions

Starting a newsletter requires that you make some decisions to determine the nature and flow of your newsletter.

Is your newsletter going to be physical (mailed on paper) or virtual?  I recommend that you start an e-newsletter.  This saves on cost and is in the same format as your website or blog is (digital).  No one can "click" a piece of paper and arrive at a website.  They can click a link in an emailed newsletter and get there.

Are you starting a newsletter to drive people to your subscription or traffic-generating-revenue website, or will you be trying to use your website to sell a newsletter?  I recommend starting a newsletter and giving it away.  The paid newsletter business is tremendously difficult and trending down.  People prefer the convenience of access that comes with digital and are accustomed to getting digits for free.  I recommend using a free newsletter to generate traffic for your website - traffic that you can then serve by selling them things you provide that they need or want.

Decide who your target audience is.  You should have already done this before developing a website.  If you haven't, do it before starting a newsletter.  Figure out your audience and then target them.  Make sure that they know the benefits they will receive by subscribing.

Decide on the technical delivery method (if a free e-newsletter) or the price (if a paid newsletter).  If you are going to charge, start with a lower price and get your subscription base built.  Then raise it over time for new subscribers.  For a free e-newsletter, determine the format (HTML or ASCII).  This decision is discussed in the links above.

And, most importantly decide not to give up.  Managing your own mailing lists can be a royal pain and time-consuming.  Consider using Aweber.  They will help you be successful and keep you from accidentally breaking any anti-spam laws.

Starting a Newsletter: The Three Steps     Starting a Newsletter Steps

There are three main basic and practical steps to take when starting a newsletter.  You need to pick the topic, get subscribers, and then mail it out.  Here are the details:


Step 1 when starting a newsletter is to determine what it will be about.  It should relate to your website's niche.  It can provide breaking newstories or summaries of news articles related to your chosen niche.  It can be original content.  It can be anything as long as it makes sense and is closely related to your website's main topics.


Step 2 when starting a newsletter is to get people to sign up.  People who visit your website will likely be interested in the topic.  Make sure your signup offer is quickly and easily seen by visitors.  You can also advertise for keywords to draw people to your website and newsletter.  A good way to do this is with Google AdWords program (however, don't sign up until your website has some PageRank and authority or you'll pay too much).  If you do use AdWords, you can get a free credit by signing up with some of the Inexpensive Website Hosting Services.  You should also use a single landing page to promote your newsletter.  Make it as easy as possible for visitors to sign up.  Also, give them an extra incentive.  Create a freebie to give away to subscribers.  More people will sign up this way, and your mailing list will grow. 


Step 3 when starting a newsletter is to mail off the first issue.  Unless you get big very quickly, you can probably do this by hand without spending a lot of time.  Just send out an email to your 3 subscribers, and you are done.  This will change, however, as your website grows.  Soon, you will find that you need help managing an email list and keeping your newsletters from going straight to subscribers' trash folders as spam.  When you get there, look into Aweber again.

Starting a Newsletter: A Few Tips     Starting a Newsletter Tips

Here are a few extra tips you should consider implementing when starting a newsletter:


Tip 1:  Do what you are best at doing.  If you can't write as well as you talk, try speaking into a recorder and then transcribing what you said.  Or, use a different writing format.  You can write as if you were interviewing yourself.  Be creative, find what works for you, and stick with it.


Tip 2:  You don't have to create your freebies yourself.  There are plenty of free materials that you can re-package and use as a give-away to get people to sign up as you are starting a newsletter.  You can also buy a product that grants you re-sell rights.  In otherwords, you buy it and can then sell or give it away as much as you like.


Tip 3:  Starting a newsletter gives you another contact with a potential customer.  Don't let it go to waste!  Monetize your newsletter with ads or buy using it to sell something.  At the very least, include links to your website to get more traffic coming to your site.

Starting a Newsletter: Conclusion     Starting a Newsletter Conclusion

You need a newsletter.  Starting one as soon as possible is a critical and necessary step for any online venture.  Use the information on this website to do it successfully.


Then, learn How to Use Link Shorteners to improve your content and How to Use Social Networking to benefit your website or blog.



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