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Financial Freedom Comes With Financial Wisdom and a New Mindset.  Understand What's at Stake and How You Need to Think.

Steps to Financial Freedom: Security vs. Risk     Steps to Financial Freedom Check Box

We live in an ever-changing world.  The economy is always shifting.  Opportunities spring up and disappear relatively quickly.  Jobs come and go.  What happened to the army of encyclopedia salesmen?  They sure aren't selling encyclopedias anymore.

Do you think you have job security?  Most people are employed by a single person, business, or organization.  To take the first steps to financial freedom, you need to be employed by tens, hundreds, and even thousands.  How can this be?  To find out, click the link to understand Security vs. Risk.

Steps to Financial Freedom: E, S, B, I?     Steps to Financial Freedom Second Icon

People fall into four main financial categories.  Robert Kiyosaki has written a good book in his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series called Cashflow Quadrants.  I recommend it.  It lays out the basic benefits and drawbacks of being either employed, self-employed, a business owner, or an investor.

Financial freedom comes most easily to two of the four.  One is usually the easiest route.  Get on the right track.  Get into the right quadrant for you.  Click the link and get on the right road in order to Be a Successful Entrepreneur.

Steps to Financial Freedom: Wage Slavery     Steps to Financial Freedom Third Point

Taking the steps to financial freedom means dumping the wage slave habit.  Financial freedom and wage slavery are obviously mutually exclusive.  If you want to be in the Financial Freedom Club, you are eventually going to have to throw off the "security" we've already talked about.  Then you will have to get the right mindset to be a successful entrepreneur.


Once there, keep working toward the abolition of wage slavery in your own life.  Click the link to understand (and abolish!) Wage Slavery.



Steps to Financial Freedom: Be Your Own Boss     Steps to Financial Freedom Boss Bullet

Many people have investigated what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  Many more have looked into starting a home business or side business.  This is good!  Don't you think it is about time for you to start reaping both the financial and life rewards that come with successful business ventures?


Work for yourself.  Get to work on each of the steps to financial freedom today.  Inaction is the biggest killer of dreams known to man.  My old coach often said, "You fail to score on 100% of the shots you don't take."


Take the shot.  Be your own boss.  When you are finally ready to own your financial freedom, you know what to do: click the link to fire your boss and Be Your Own Boss!

Steps to Financial Freedom: Strengthen The Mindset     Steps to Financial Freedom Final Image

The entrepreneurial mindset, once obtained, needs to be cultivated.  Your financial freedom depends on it!  You need to know what to do and what to avoid as you refine your thinking as an entrepreneur.  Click the link for tips and help developing The Entrepreneur Mindset.


Keep reading.  Keep learning.  You've gotten the basic Financial Wisdom you need to find Financial Freedom.  Now, put it into action.  Get busy Starting Your Business!




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