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The Entrepreneur Mindset Must Be Maintained.  Here Are 8 Tips That Will Serve You Well.  Remember Them.

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The Entrepreneur Mindset: Eight Tips     The Entrepreneur Mindset

1.  Leave your ego at the door: if you don't understand something, ask questions.  The entrepreneur mindset involves always asking questions.  Entrepreneurs don't put on a fake front to impress people.  They ask questions until they understand.  Then, they take that understanding of a situation or condition and analyze it for opportunities.  They understand that knowledge is both powerful and profitable.

2.  Stop being a consumer tornado: most people see something they like and immediately start scheming ways to get it for themselves.  Entrepreneurs see something and begin thinking about how to market it or create something analogous in their field.  Start observing things around you with an eye for marketing or production opportunities.  If you spot a problem, figure out a solution and then sell it!  People will thank you!

3.  Avoid fantasy land: many people sit around and daydream about what they would do if they won the lottery.  Don't.  Stay grounded.  Have realistic excpectations and set reasonable goals to accomplish them.  Analyze your successes and learn from them.  But, even more importantly, analyze your failures and learn from them.

4.  Ignore the negativity (initially): don't fall into the trap of focusing on all the reasons why something "can't be done."  Instead, work on developing a realistic plan for how to accomplish that "something."  When you have a clear vision of how you think it may work, go back and address the negatives.  Work on solving each roadblock until you have refined your vision into one that will succeed.  There are always going to be hurdles to overcome in anything.  But, if you focus on the negatives initially, you will likely miss tremendous opportunities.

5.  Love change: most people despise change.  It makes them uncomfortable.  You need to learn to love it.  The bigger the changes that occur, the bigger the opportunities for service and profit will be.  Embrace change and be on the lookout for opportunities any time there is uncertainty or chaos.  Any kind of volatility will provide opportunities for the entrepreneur.  Be on the lookout for changing trends!

6.  Reject the idea of perfection: only the unimaginative think that any current level of technology or design has been perfected.  I am sure that many people couldn't imagine anything other than VHS tapes ever existing in the 1980s.  Then came DVDs and Blu-Ray.  Now we have high-definition TVs in millions of houses, and people are trying to develop 3-dimensional holographic viewing systems.  Everything can be improved or replaced eventually.  Never think that it can't.  Constantly be thinking about the things around you.  Look for opportunities.

7.  Be proactive: don't just react to things.  Try to think ahead and be proactive.  You don't have to be a genius to be a success, you just have to think logically about things and not be afraid to step "out of the box" when an opportunity presents itself.

8.  Punish your pride: it all starts and ends here.  Most people wouldn't ask questions of successful people out of fear of looking like an idiot.  So, they remain an idiot.  And, ironically, everyone almost always assumes that the fraidycat is an idiot in that area anyway.  Exercise a little humility, don't worry so much what others think, and ask successful people about their secrets.  You'll likely be surprised when they tell them to you!

Keep working on refining the entrepreneur mindset.  Keep refining your skills and ability to spot potential opportunities.  The internet makes this easier than ever before.  When you spot one you think may work, take advantage of it.  Click the link for help Starting Your Business.



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