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This Free Tool Can Help Guide Your Internet Marketing Efforts by Showing Your Sphere of Influence.  Use It!

The TouchGraph Google Browser is a relatively simple tool.  It takes a website's backlinks (or keywords) and shows how important and how interconnected related sites are based on the entry data.

Using the TouchGraph Google Browser as an Anchor     Using the TouchGraph Google Browser Anchor

If you have a website, you may not know where in the virtual world you belong.  You may not know if you even have any "friends," much less who those friends are.  Using this application, while not infallible, will likely give you an anchor point regarding who considers your website worthwhile.

How the TouchGraph Google Browser Works     Using the TouchGraph Google Browser Works

The TGGB works by taking link data from Google for websites or keywords.  For individual websites, this can help guide your marketing efforts.


If you enter your URL, the TGGB will return all the important websites that Google knows links to you.  It will also display the major players that link to those sites that link to yours.


By seeing this, you can gain a perspective about what type of similar content would better appeal to the visitors you are trying to attract.  You can even advertise on many of those websites directly.


By analyzing the text data the Google will give any searcher and putting it into an easy-to-recognize form, TouchGraph has provided a valuable service to any internet marketer.

TouchGraph Google Browser Requirements     Using the TouchGraph Google Browser Requirements

For the TGGB to work for you, you have to have the latest version of Java installed on your computer (or at least version 1.5).  Also, turn off your pop-up blocker.

TouchGraph Google Browser: Conclusion     Using the TouchGraph Google Browser Conclusion

This is a great free utility on a number of levels.  You can use it for keyword research.  You can use it to see the interconnectivity of differet terms (according to Google).  You can also use it to guide your marketing efforts.  I recommend you use it!  Click the following link to open the utility up in a new window: TouchGraph Google Browser.


You can also find out more about Marketing Your Website and Website Improvements.




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