How to Make Your Own Website
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Stationary Websites Get Passed By.  These Website Improvements Can Help You Maximize Your Site.

Website improvements are not really optional. You need to be continually improving the content, layout, and completeness of your website or blog. How do you do it? Keep reading, and I'll tell you!

Keep in mind that your Website Data Collection will help guide the specific modifications you will make to your website. If you intended to market tents to campers but find out that everyone that comes to your site is interested in hiking boots, it would be wise to gradually adapt to the desires of your site visitors. Always be flexible. Remember that you exist primarily to give the customer what he wants.

Website improvements will help you accomplish this goal. Whether you start as a single page or a content-filled website or blog, there are always ways to improve your website:

Website Improvements: Add a Blog (or a Website) Website Improvements Add

Once you finally get your website or blog up and running, sit back and take a breath.  You've achieved something.  But, don't rest on your laurels.  Unless you capture the number one spot in every search engine for every one of your pages' keywords, you've still got work to do.

Website improvements are always needed for any website or blog.  Think of your website as if it were a house.  If you build it and then neglect it forever, it will eventually fall into a state of disrepair.  It won't be of much value at all.

So, the first and most important website improvement you should seek to implement is "finishing out" your site.  If you started with a blog, build a website around it.  If you started with a website, add a blog and other components.  Click the link to learn about Adding a Blog to a Website.

Website Improvements: Add a Comments Section?     Website Improvements Comments

You may have come across other websites who allow comments at the bottom of each article they publish. Should you add a comments option for the visitors who come to your site? It depends. Click the link to learn about Adding Comments to a Website.

Website Improvements: Add Forums?     Website Improvements Forums

Forums can be a powerful traffic-generating addition to your website.  They can even be a profitable stand-alone website in and of themselves.  Should you add forums to your website?  Click the link to learn about Adding Forums to a Website.

Website Improvements: Start a Newsletter     Website Improvements Newsletter

One of the biggest mistakes a website or blog owner can make is to neglect building email lists. The easiest way to build lists is with a newsletter. You may not be ready to begin a regular mailing list right away, but you shouldn't wait very long.


Website improvements can come and go, but the need for a newsletter (and subscribers to that newsletter) will remain as long as email and the internet exist. That is likely going to be a long, long time. Most blogs offer subscription capabilities that can help build your customer base. Click the link to understand why you need to build lists and seriously consider Starting a Newsletter.

Website Improvements: Link Shorteners     Website Improvements Shorteners

One of the easier website improvements to make involves a handy little tool. Link shorteners are becoming more widely used and recognized. They are useful tools. Click the link to learn How to Use Link Shorteners.

Website Improvements: Favicons     Website Improvements Favicons

Ever notice those small 16x16 pixel icons that show up beside the websites in your bookmark or favorite menu? They also show up on individual tabs if you use a web browser that supports tabs. Here is what you need to know (and how to do it) if you want to add your own Tab Icon.

Website Improvements: Syndication with RSS Feeds     Website Improvements RSS

Anything you can do to get people coming back to your website or blog will be helpful in getting website traffic.  RSS feeds are a great way to increase your traffic.  Routinely adding content to your site will help appease the search engines.  It will also give you an opportunity to keep people coming back as they are notified via the RSS feed.


Use an RSS feed.  Give away value and build trust.  Your subscribers will love you for it.  Click the link to learn how to Syndicate Your Content with RSS.




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