How to Make Your Own Website
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The Planning and Preparation All Leads to This: Website Launch Time!  Make Sure You Have All Your Ducks in a Row Prior to Going Live.

It is time to blastoff into the world of the internet!  You've come a long way if you've worked through each step.  Now it is time to put the technical pieces into place.  You are about to "go live" and start serving and profiting.

The technical aspects are the last thing you need to work through before you have your site humming along.  So, keep reading and working!  These are the next steps:

Website Launch: Choose Your Domain Name     Website Launch Choose Name

It is relatively easy to pick a domain name.  It is much harder to pick a good one.  There are many factors that you need to consider when picking the domain name that will represent you and your website.  Click the link for factors to consider when you Choose Your Domain Name.

Website Launch: Register Your Domain Name     Website Launch Register Domain

Choosing your domain name is the difficult part.  Registering it is relatively easy.  But, there are a few things you should consider.  Click the link to Register Your Domain Name.

Website Launch: Choose Your Hosting Service     Website Launch Hosting

There are services that will host your site or blog free of charge.  I know of no one who runs a profitable website or blog that uses them.  You'll see why in this section.


There are, however, several hosting options that allow you to get good hosting and many bonus services at a tremendously affordable price.  Click the link for information that will help you Choose Your Hosting Service.

Website Launch: Merchant Accounts     Website Launch Merchant

If you serve people well, they are going to want to give you money in exchange for what you provide.  Make it easy for them!  Click the link for information on Website Merchant Accounts.

Website Launch: Testing Your Website or Blog     Website Launch Testing

Before you open your website or blog to the general public, you must make sure it is functioning exactly like it is supposed to function.  There is nothing that will undermine your credibility or sabotage trust quicker than shoddy websites.


Would you buy something from a website that misspelled every third word?  Would you trust information from a site that is so poorly designed that words overlap or other things make it difficult to get at the information you want?


You must test your site or blog extensively before going live.  Make sure it is snafu-free.  Click the link for information on Testing Your Website.

Website Launch: Legal Obligations     Website Launch Legal

You want all the traffic in the world to come to your website.  All the attention you can generate with your site is positive.  Unless it is some Federal agency that is snooping around.


The last thing you need is to be sued by the Feds for failing to comply with a few simple things.  Make sure you have your legal house in order before going live!  Click the link to make sure you are compliant with the Website Legal Obligations.

Website Launch: Data Collection    Website Launch Data

In order to maximize the benefits of your site (for others and yourself), you are going to need to be able to track data.  There are several ways to do this.  Click the link to understand the how and why of Website Data Collection.

Website Launch: Get Help from Experts    Website Launch Experts

This site should be a tremendous benefit to anyone getting into an online business for the first time.  But, as you refine your skills, you'll need even more help.  Whenever you are ready, there are experts in your particular niche that will help you excel.


Make these people a part of your team.  Depending on which options you have selected so far, you can find additional resources here.  Click the link to Get Help from Other Experts.




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