How to Make Your Own Website
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The Method You Choose to Make Money Is Critical.  Make Sure You Choose Wisely.  Monetization Can Be Different for Each Website.

Website monetization is not too complicated.  It is simply the means you employ to make money from your website or blog.  It has already been established that traffic to your website or blog is the critical factor.

Making that traffic happy is your first priority.  If you do that well, you can move on to website monetization and reap the financial rewards that come with good service.  Before you monetize, understand this information:

Website Monetization: The Basics     Website Monetization Basics

It is important to understand the basic strategies of website or blog monetization before setting your site up.  These considerations are important.  Understand the relationship between your site and what it provides and the website monetization strategy you develop.

Work through this information so that you know what you want to accomplish.  Don't jump in blind.  Click the link for Monetization Basics.

Website Monetization: What Type?     Website Monetization Type

What are you going to sell?  Are you going to sell information products, physical products, services, or nothing at all?  Individuals routinely profit from the internet using each of those methods. 

Are you planning on being an entrepreneur or an infopreneur or something else?  Which is right for you?  Click here for help choosing between the Monetization Types.

Website Monetization: Specific Options     Website Monetization Options

Once you have decided on the type of monetization model you will use, it is time to pick specific methods .  There are plenty from which you can choose.  And, you can develop your own, if you'd like.


There are new options appearing daily.  The new options may be completely legitimate, so you may want to look into therm.  However, this section steers clear of the unproven newbies on the block.  It does give you many tried and true options that have consistently generated income for thousands of internet business folks.  Click the link to understand your Monetization Options.

Website Monetization: Design Considerations     Website Monetization Design

Designing the layout of your website can greatly enhance or significantly hinder your monetization efforts.  Click the link for Monetization Design Considerations.

Website Monetization: When?     Website Monetization When

It is important to know when you should begin to seek profit from the services or information you provide to others.  Most people forget their business philosophy when it comes to running after money.  Don't let that happen to you.  Click the link for guidance on When You Should Monetize.

Website Monetization: What About Traffic?     Website Monetization Traffic

I have an entire department devoted to offering you proven ways to drive traffic to your website or blog.  Again, the techniques you can use to get people to your site or blog are only limited by your imagination.


With that said, I think a quick reminder about how you are going to generate income online using the internet is in order: it is all about the amount of traffic you can get to your site.  Remember this: Getting Website Traffic equals money.




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