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Violating These Style Rules Is Asking for Trouble.  Don't Make These Style and Website Mistakes.

There are a few website style considerations you absolutely must take into account when developing your website.  This list is from the Webpages That Suck 2.0 website.  Take heed.  They have done a good job collecting examples of all these mistakes in action.

Here are the biggest mistakes in web design 1995 to 2015 (evidently they've come back from the future).  Don't make these mistakes.  They are explained in more detail on their website.  The help you need to avoid making them is found in the links that follow each mistake.

Website Style Considerations: The Mistakes List      Website Style Considerations

Mistake 1:  Believing people care about you and your website (Business Philosophy)

Mistake 2:  Designing your website so people can't figure out what it is about in four seconds (or less) (Components of a Business Website)

Mistake 3:  Contrast failure (Best Blogging Site, see Template Selection section)

Mistake 4:  Using design elements that get in the way of your visitors (Content Development Plan, see Layout section)

Mistake 5:  Thinking your website is your marketing strategy (Marketing Your Website)

Mistake 6:  Using a totally obnoxious design strategy (Content Development Plan)

Mistake 7:  Navigational failure (Content Development Plan)

Mistake 8:  Using mystery meat navigation (Content Development Plan)

Mistake 9:  Lacking "heroin content" (How to Write Your Content)

Mistake 10:  Forgetting the purpose of text

Mistake 11:  Too much material on one page (How to Write Your Content)

Mistake 12:  Confusing web design with a magic trick

Mistake 13:  Misusing Flash

Mistake 14:  Misunderstanding the use of graphics

Mistake 15:  Mystical belief in the power of web standards, usability, & tableless CSS

Mistake 16:  Javascript

Head over to Webpages That Suck 2.0 to see these mistakes in action.  Then get ready for your own Website Launch.



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