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There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business.  Understand These, and You'll Get the Big Picture.

Why start an online business?  Becuse the nature of the internet makes success in internet ventures much more attainable for the average person and easier for the geniuses among us.  Here's why:

Why Start an Online Business: The Market     Why Start an Online Business Market

With the internet, you can serve and sell to the world.  The potential is there for billions of customers.  You aren't limited to your neighborhood or city or state or country.  Millions of people gain access to the internet for the first time every year.  With the internet, the global marketplace is your playground.  Your customer base is essentially unlimited.

Why Start an Online Business: Irreplaceability     Why Start an Online Business Irreplaceability

If you develop your own "voice" through your written content or online style, you are irreplaceable.  No one can be you.  When you find success, people may try to imitate you, but you will be you, the original.  No one can replace you.

No one other than you can do exactly what you are suited to do.  No one has the same ideas and way of communicating as you do.  Your uniqe voice in whatever niche you choose is both as original and irreplaceable as you are.  The internet allows you to take advantage of this fact like no other medium in the history of the world.  

Why Start an Online Business: Labor Requirements     Why Start an Online Business Labor Requirements


There are minimal physical labor requirements with an online business compared to actual physical businesses.  It is unlikely that you will be moving crates with forklifts or digging ditches for hours every day to keep your online business running.  And, you aren't likely going to need to pay a large staff to make it work.  The fewer personnel required to successfully run the business, the better (at least in the beginning).  Why start an online business?  Because the most expensive aspect of virtually all other business is vastly reduced: labor costs.  In fact, with the internet, it is completely feasible to be a one-person show.


Why Start an Online Business: Low Overhead     Why Start an Online Business Overhead


Internet business usually have very low overhead.  You pay very little to keep your operation going once it is up and running.


Why Start an Online Business: Start-Up Costs     Why Start an Online Business Costs


The start-up costs are tiny compared to physical businesses.  Actually, relatively speaking, starting an internet business is dirt cheap.  You have a very low initial money investment.  You buy a desk and a chair and a computer (which most people already have).  You buy certain needed software and services.  That is just about all you need to get started.


Combined, everything you buy to start an internet business adds up to minimal start-up expenses and, as mentioned above, very low overhead.  This allows you to avoid major expenditures or significant initial investments in equipment.  Why start an online business?  You can afford to do it!


Why Start an Online Business: Instant Cash     Why Start an Online Business Cash


Money is nothing more than digits in today's world.  Internet sales are usually instant and in terms of cash (digital transfer of "funds").  Very few online business use complex credit or billing schemes to generate revenue.  You get paid right away and don't usually have much of your capital tied up or unaccessible.

Why Start an Online Business: A Free Market     Why Start an Online Business Free Market

The Internet is still relatively free of regulation.  I feel confident that there will be some "crisis" at some point in the future that governments around the world will use to introduce tyranny into the currently mostly-free world of the interent.


Until then, the internet will be able to be used as it is today: relatively free of regulation.  Neither government nor industry regulations have yet to make significant inroads into controlling the internet.  Therefore, people are often more free online than in the "real" world.  This lack of interference with the free market opens up doors and offers tremendous opportunities.  Why start an online business?  Because you can!  


Why Start an Online Business: Flexibility     Why Start an Online Business Flexibility


Your online business can move easily.  We live in turbulent times.  Things change.  If you ever need to move for any reason, all you need to maintain your online business is access to electricity, a computer, and an internet connection.


You want to move to Australia?  Your business doesn't miss a beat.  You want to move to Panama?  No problem.  You want to move to a nice little tropical island?  Piece of cake.  If you incorporate or form an LLC (or other business entity) you can also locate your business in tax-friendly locations.


Why Start an Online Business: Enjoyment     Why Start an Online Business Enjoyment


You can center your online business around whatever topic or topics you love.  You can make your business your passion.  Often, there aren't enough customers in your area to support an informational business where you physically live.  However, with the myriad of ways to monetize a website or blog today, the internet makes it much easier to turn the things you are passionate about into a successful, income-generating business.


Why Start an Online Business: Control     Why Start an Online Business Control


As with any entrepreneur, you essentially are in control of the means you employ to effectively serve others.  You can set your own hours with any business that is yours.  Since almost all websites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can work whenever you are most productive or have time to devote to your business.


Once you are able to fire your boss and strike out on your own, success often yields freedom.  The internet provides a way to that end that wasn't available a generation ago.  You probably won't want to have tons of time to snorkel in the tropics since you'll likely be engaged in what you are passionate about.  But, if you do want that, turning a passion into a niche site on the internet is a great way to get there.  


Why Start an Online Business: Time Limits     Why Start an Online Business Time


Internet businesses, especially the ones specializing in the provision of information, aren't very limited by personal output.  If you are a lawyer, doctor, dentist, or other similar professional, your income is directly limited by your time.  The more you work, the higher the income you generate.  Many doctors work 12 or mor hours every day.  I know one personally that works over 18 hours a day, just about every day.


With creating valuable content online, you can serve (and sell to) a million people just as easily as you can sell to one.  Once you create content or a product that you can deliver digitally, the number of times you can share it or sell it is essentially limitless.  This is a huge benefit with online businesses.


Why Start an Online Business: Ease of Publishing     Why Start an Online Business Ease


Once you've published to the internet, few revisions are needed.  This frees your time to either write more or pursue other interests or business opportunities.  And, if revisions are needed, you can edit, correct, or add to your content in a short period of time.


Why Start an Online Business: Conclusion     Why Start an Online Business Conclusion


Take advantage of the internet while the taking is good.  The longer you wait, the more competition you will face.  Keep working.  The internet is more revolutionary today than the printing press was when it made books accessible to the common man.


Now the common man can be an uncommonly successful businessman with the understanding he can attain for free from the information on this website.  There are many more reasons why you should start an online business.  The ones I listed here are just some of the basics.  Continue understanding Internet Business Preliminaries, and put into action that which you learn!



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